Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's IT! I'm Going EMO!

The lack of sunshine during the PNW's fall and winter
 can be a little,
to be honest,

Especially, when you face the fact that it can rain
an average of 37 inches per year.
That's a lot of puddles to splash in with gorgeous rainboots.

Especially, when you add the Wikipedia fact that
there are 100 shades of gray.
The PNW wears them all -
 all winter long.

Especially, when you add the fact that we 
see the sun on an average of 226 days in the year.

Especially, when school starts and I need to be inside much of the time.

Every year, it affects me a lot.  My Vitamin D drops.
A good Norwegian, I long for the sun.
The weather can get to me.
So, I made a decision.

I'm goin'

No, I'm not talkin' about coloring my hair and wearing it over my eyes,
 slashing my jeans,
wearing only black (Oh, that's right, I do that now),
tattooing and piercing my body,
wearing black eyeliner and band t-shirts,
and listening to funky music.

I'm talking about the annual  hunt and seek mission
where I  try to spend


Sometimes, I read outside.
It might be under a blanket, and with a heater, but I'm outside.

Sometimes, we work outside.
My hubby bought this tabletop propane heater last year. 
It gives us a few more months we can be outside when it isn't raining.

When the sun is out, we eat  outside on the deck.

If it's a bit nippy, a toasty fire can chase away the doldrums.
On this day, I moved the outdoor wicker couch next to the fire,
and sat there all afternoon.
It was delicious.
We finished school, I read a book and when my husband
came home I hadn't even thought about dinner. 

Ya' know what he said?
He's amazing.
This is why I'm keeping this guy.
He said, "Good.  You needed to relax."

If I'm talking on the phone, I might do that outside,
and pull a few weeds while I'm out there.

We play outside.
Some of you long time readers may recognize Kelly-Across-the-Street's kids,
Norah and Avery.  We share many adventures with then.

For people that don't daily see the sun in the winter,
we need to take advantage of every sunbreak.

Literally translated,
when you see the sun,
you break into a run to get outside,
and like a cat,
bask in those glorious spots of light from the sun.

And since the rainy season is just starting to announce herself to the PNW,
I have to go EMO.



  1. I don't think I could live there.... very easily. =/ I'm glad you're finding lots of ways to be outside. Might I add: tri-pod to your ideas? You could COOK OUTSIDE OVER YOUR CAMPFIRE WHILE YOU READ YOUR BOOK. :)
    Do you have a cast iron pot? Potatoes, carrots, polish sausage (oh so healthy - ha!) 1 c. beef broth, 1 onion, dry onion soup pack + an hour or two over a blazing fire and you have a delicious meal that didn't take much work while you were OUTSIDE. :)

  2. OOH, we did eat lunch out there and tried the new campfire sandwich thingy, but I don't have a cast iron pot. Like that idea. Then Beka would totally feel that Little House on the Prairie feeling.

  3. You've got a great attitude. When the sun hides from us for even a couple of days I begin to complain. I NEED the sun and would find it difficult to live "where the sun don't shine" - but you've found a great way to cope.

  4. Oh Mindy, I couldn't agree more. We had a month of October like weather and today it was 75 and sunny. We were outside as much as possible today during work...We were so naughty! Good for you!

  5. I don't blame you. Living in Australia's sunshine state, I just cannot imagine 229 day a year without the sun. I would like to think I could adopt your non-complaining attitude but I fear my good humour would be sorely tried by such miserable weather.

  6. I lived in the PNW for 12 years before coming back to New York, and it can be gloomy here too. I'm also a nurse. It seems like everyone here is taking Vit D supplements! But being outside is so great! I'm glad you're finding ways to get out there :)

    P.S. I love the soup in a cast iron pot idea - I LOVE my cast iron cookware - use it every single chance I get!

  7. I live in the Northeast in the Poconos where it is supposedly one of the places the sun shines the least...I'm sure you have less sun than even us...we've had so much rain this fall, and flooding(but not on our hill/mountain)and now our rain today turned into an inch of snow and it is still October!! I really think the rainy wet trees in our woods are beautiful and not dismal.


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