Friday, September 30, 2011

The Tom Sawyer Trick Still Works

This dream

needed some serious Tom Sawyer attention.

One  sunny Saturday,
one trip to Home Depot with hubby,

and one eager little painter.

Yea, as soon as we mentioned painting,
she was all over it.
She wanted to paint.

We hemmed and hawed and made a big deal about
wanting the paint job to be nice.

It worked.

It increased her desire.

Teenagers don't want to paint.
So, we've learned to let 'em paint while they still think it's exciting.

You just can't be that picky about their effort.
Count on the help getting paint all over.

As I've learned from previous painting experiences,
you have to grit your teeth through the process,
and cheer on the outcome.

Seriously, close your eyes and grit your teeth.
It won't be pretty,
but it will be done.

Never criticize the help, never.
They might not help again.

See?  Not pretty.
One messy painter who wasn't criticized.
Laughed at, but not criticized.

One eager neighbor was added to the equation.

As soon as he saw Rebekah having all the fun,
he had to join in.

One cool Home Depot hat was all it took
to get him to stir the paint.

One painter's trick I learned from my  brothers, Joel and Allan.
You pound holes into that little ledge so the paint drips back into the can.
You already knew that?
I learned it late in life.

One window installer...

who also fell for the Tom Sawyer ploy and painted the window trim.

One door installed while the painter retires her brush for
her Laura Ingalls' bonnet and pretending with neighbor, Norah.

One more stage of the
Playhouse Project

It's finished enough to enjoy through the rainy season
and we'll work on the porch and the interior as time and inspiration allows.

One more skill taught,
One more family memory,
One very happy little girl.


  1. Lovely. So glad to see the progress on the playhouse!

  2. That's so sweet. I grew up with a playhouse - except that it had a low slanted roof. After awhile we were too big to play in it... but oh the memories.

  3. That is really looking great :D

  4. Landon, I forgot to mention all the other helpers! Thanks for your help, amazing nephew. It is such a fun project for the whole family.

  5. Looks like you moved to SBL. :)

    Beka is one blessed little girl to have parents like you guys! The house is incredible. Biting my nails while I wait to see the inside decorated up.

  6. The playhouse has been one of the best things we ever did for Elizabeth! She's out there at this very moment getting it all ready for a playdate with a couple of her cousins tonight. :-) There's no better place for a little girl to learn the personal joy that comes from "looking well to the ways of your household"...

  7. Brilliant! I love that it is big enough to go from Play house to "teen aged hide out and read house".

  8. The smile on her face says it all.
    Bottle that smile and keep it for a day when she turns hormonal - you'll be glad you did! AND, I think she did a great job!! :-)

    Now we'll see if this posts with one try.

  9. Love it! Actually want to move in with Beka to her new 'place.'


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