Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Still an Ol' Bag

When a new school year starts,
we're all thinking the same thing -
if only
I were more organized and efficient,
I would remember more and accomplish more.

We long for that
perfect container,
perfect shelving system,
perfect organizational feature,
that will magically transform our chaos into control.

In 2010, I blogged through an organizational kick
with some new ideas and some tried-and-true practices of mine.

My favorite system really did impact my life
in a powerful, helpful way.

Not everything I try works, so I felt it worth revisiting this tip.

OK...all this build-up...... involves this....

....and this.

As I began this new year not emotionally ready,
I realized my systems were in place and I was physically ready
using this simple sytem using my favorite tote bags.

Follow me back in time when I first admitted

It will turn chaos into control,
I promise...


  1. Love these bags, old lady!
    I have some eg, bible bag, front door but might looking at extending. Most of my um...organizational bits are boxes.

  2. I, too, am always looking for the magic solution to make it all better.

    Usually I organize in baskets (because I happen to have plenty). Stuff in a basket is decorating!

  3. Cool. I think you just convinced me that I need a peg board and tote bags. How did I never think of that? I always have a tote bag in hand for various outings and then I never remember where I put it when I want it the next time... Or else I empty it out and put it all away only to have to gather the stuff for next time. I have a pile of them in the front closet that I've collected over the years... Hmm. Now where to put the peg board...

  4. An older friend once told me to keep a different bag for each function outside the house -- one for Sunday School, one for Thursday morning Bible Study, one for the park, one for co-op, etc. You just pick the right bag as you go out the door!

  5. I love a good "carry all" bag. I just need to remember to clean them out often. I'm like you and always looking for a better, more effiecient way to do things.


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