Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The World's Most Famous Break-Up Line

Picture a  young woman, about to break a man's heart, demurely saying,
"It isn't you, it's me."

She's eases her guilt by convincing herself she's relieving the
pain of the break-up by falsely claiming the blame.

Despite how sincerely the line is acted out,
everyone knows
it's not the truth.
It doesn't ease the pain, it adds to it.

Now the poor the guy is  being dumped
 and deceived at the same time.

But I still think the line should be used.
It brings great results.
There's a time when the line is
needs to be used.

When we're feeling distant from the Lord,
when we think our prayers aren't being heard and answered
and the Word isn't penetrating our hard hearts,
we need to say,

"It isn't YOU, it's ME."

Because the break-up isn't the Lord's fault.

He promises to never leave nor forsake us.

He promises to answer our prayers.

He promises to hold us eternally in His Hands.

He promies to be faithful, even when we aren't.

He promises to protect us under His wings.

Feeling distance?
Feeling neglected?
Feeling abandoned?
Feeling lonely?
Start reading His 66 Love Letters to you.
He wrote them to assure you of his devotion and adoration.
He loves you.
His Son died for you.
He doesn't want to be far from you.
The distance between you
is breaking His heart more than it is breaking yours.

C'mon, be honest.
Use the world's most famous break-up line
and admit to the Lord,

"It's not YOU, It's Me!"


  1. It's good to be back in touch with you, Mindy. Great post!

  2. Mindy, thank you for the great reminder. I really needed to hear this today (and for the past couple of years).

  3. Mindy,
    Thanks for the raw and courageous honesty. What a great reminder!

    Keep blogging,
    Reclaiming the Plunder of the Body Image Bandit

  4. Isn't that the truth!
    Fortunately I never had to say this to a guy...VERY unfortunately I've had to say it to my Savior. Thanks for the encouragement. So thankful HE never gives up on me.

  5. Terrific application of that line, Mindy!

  6. Great post! I always am encouraged and feel more ready to go on! Thanks, Aunty Mindy!


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