Monday, September 26, 2011

God Delivers, But Not Pizza

Maybe it was the pizza delivery boy that spoiled life for me
and corrupted my ability to wait. 
In college Dominos had an amazing policy.
If your hot pizza wasn't delivered to  your doorstep in 30 minutes,
your pizza was free. 

Then, drive-thru's were added to my life. 
You ponder, pay, pick-up then pork-out. 
It's almost that fast.

Now, we have Amazon. 
I can choose almost anything I want and have it on my doorstep in days.

We no longer have to wait very long for anything. 
Service and goods appear at our demand.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that prayer doesn't work the same way. 

 is promised,
but God is NOT a delivery boy. 
 He doesn't answer our prayers on demand like the Dominos driver,
He answers in His perfect timing.

 isn't always immediate.
Our Heavenly Father makes us wait,
according to His good and perfect will.

Waiting isn't bad.
  An uncooked cake is a puddle of raw ingredients.

A house with one side painted is an eyesore.

They're both unfinished works.

For those who've trusted Christ as our Savior,
we're also unfinished works.

Philippians 1:6
"Being confident of this very thing,
that He who has begun a good work in you
will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

The Lord will complete the good work,
He will bring
in His timing and His way.

Lately, my heart has been crying out for
Several trials in our lives have been on-going
and some have no end in sight.

I remember very few times in 30 years of being a Christian,
when I have felt so burdened.
Many of you have followed and prayed me through
the case of the Innocent Man.
His trial date is set for October 11th and we desperately need prayers.
A believer falsely accused of a crime, he could spend the rest of his life in jail.

I have to be honest and let you dear friends know,
I'm having a hard time trusting the Lord for the outcome of the trial.

I'm longing for
and I really wanted it Dominos style, not perfect work style.

The Lord brought this song to my heart and mind
and it made me cry with tears of relief and joy.

will come.

If you care to read some of the story behind the Innocent Man,
I'd love to have you follow these links back to when the heartache began.


  1. The Judge of all the earth, Our Saviour Jesus Christ, is the only truly just judge, but we can beseech him that justice be done in this case.
    I am sad to say I have been involved fairly closely in more than one court case, having known both innocent and guilty parties. I can well understand the prolonged agony for you all, especially The Innocent Man. May God be glorified.
    Hugs to you too Mindy!

  2. AMEN...and praying!

  3. So incredibly thankful that His love is perfect and His mercy is never ending.... praying your faith in that stays strong as well as for the Innocent Man to keep believing.
    Love you.


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