Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Togetherness

When the kids were younger,
it was easy to find an activity the whole family enjoyed.

 Hours were spent playing board games,
building forts, playing restaurant, raft,
legos, duplos......

We played family games of kickball,
a game that requires more enthusiasm than skill.

We would inline skate,
the kids following Scott and I like ducklings on wheels.

As they aged,
and a few ventured into their teens,
it was more challenging to choose group activities
that would nuture
Family Togetherness.

Suddenly, instead of a bunch of "little kids"
we had a group that included
elementary kids,
and one toddler.

During these years we started camping and enjoying water activities.
Educational activities and museums become part of the routine.

We started soliciting opinions
and allowing the older kids to help plan the family outings.

Through the years,
we've discovered there's one thing we all love.

A good fire and good conversation.

I guess that's two things.

We enjoy those quiet moments of sitting together around fire,
warmed not just by the fire,
but by the loving relationships.

OK, the kids probably don't think that,
but I do.

When the family trampoline was bounced into the trash pile,
we knew exactly what we wanted to fill in the spot~

a place to gather,
a place to visit,
a place to just be together.

OK, the kids may be there just for the S'Mores,
but I know someday,
they won't be thinking about the sugary treat,
they'll be thinking about the sweetness
of growing up in a loving family that greatly enjoyed
 Family Togetherness.


  1. Mindy, Hi! I am Katie from KayteeJanes House blog. Thanks for commenting on one of my posts. I'm glad to meet you! I too am a Christian mom and I am so glad I found your blog. Love the idea of sitting around the camp fire with your family to reconnect.
    It looks like we have similar interests. I will be checking in often. Have a great day! Katie

  2. You are so right! They will remember those nights of smores and talk and together! Awesome!

  3. Great Memory Makers - enjoy the day!!

  4. Campfires are the best! They draw us all in, for sure!

  5. Fun idea! I see Jon wasn't sensitive about having his face on your blog (like he was in the caramel corn post) as long as it's upside down - maybe you can try incorporating that for your next kitchen photo shoot. :)


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