Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Tale of Momma Mindy's Hammer

Once upon a time,
Momma Mindy went to her flower garden to weed.

She was a little mystified by this thing....

It had beautiful leaves.
It had something blooming.

However, she couldn't remember if she had planted it.

In the Midwest, she can spot a weed a mile away.
Creeping Jenny, Canadian Thistle, Leafy Spurge, Dandelions, Ragweed....

....but in the PNW the plants are different and so are the weeds.

She couldn't identify this thing.

Mommy Mindy was especially mystified by the tuberous growth underneath.

A hammer?

A HAMMER!!!!!!

Momma Mindy wanted to know why there was a
in her FLOWER garden....
...the beautiful garden in the front of her home that is supposed to bloom


But,  Momma Mindy ironically had learned when she visited her Dad,
and saw ALL of his hammers hanging neatly on his workbench,
that if you have hammers in your workbench,
 you don't have kids in your home.

So, she picked up the HAMMER,
pulled the PLANT
she determined  was a WEED,
and gave thanks she still has
kids living at home.

She doesn't have tools in her workbench,
she doesn't have toilet paper in her bathrooms,
she doesn't have a clean stovetop,
she doesn't have a cutting board anymore and
she sacrificed her microwave bundt pan,
but she has
kids living at home.

So, Momma Mindy and her rescued hammer lived
Happily Ever After.

Making your home sing Mondays


  1. Oh, treasure those days while the kids are living at home!

  2. Love it! That's great :) Visiting from MYSMondays

  3. What a sweet reminder of the joys of a lived in household with children!! Loved it!!

  4. Awwww, sweet! My kids are usually pretty good about putting stuff away because they're older now, but occasionally I still find something in the oddest places, lol!

    I keep talking about going to the homeschool store and putting it off but I really need to go. I'm tired of the books lying around.

    Let's choose a day to meet up for a coke and then I'll go to the store that day, because I assume you already went.


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