Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disasters to Decorations

Last year, we invited friends for Thanksgiving dinner.
My friend, Barbie, walked into my home laughing,
and barely peeking out from behind this
flower arrangement.


It definitely was professionally done and looked stunning on my table.
It dwarfed my dining room table,
but looked stunning.

Barbie said she knew it was too big for my home,
but she found it at a 90% off sale.

She said,
"I know you'll think of something to do with it.
You could make three or four arrangements with all these flowers."

I didn't want to pull it apart.

It really looked great covering the table.

We removed it for the meal, but when we were done with the dishes,
we sat it on the table, lit the candles,
and hoped it wouldn't start the house on fire.

I put it in a large plastic container in the attic,
so I could use it again this year.

Yea, dumb, right?

Like, candles melt in temps above 90,

This year it wasn't looking so pretty so I decided to take Barbie's advice.

I had also hit the 90% clearance last year,
buying two decorated wreaths that were hideous to me,
but cheaper than buying bare wreaths.

They hung above my craft table for a long, long time,
daring me to find time to rescue and restore them.

I removed these,

and these,

and added some of these.

I ended up with this,

and this.

Wait until you see
what I did
with the

Wanna see what I did next?


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