Friday, September 16, 2011

We Love Us Some Coffee

Seven years ago,
when I first found out we were being transferred to Seattle,
I cried for a week.

I didn't like big cities.
I didn't like traffic.
I didn't like paying 3x as much for a house that was half the size.

I'm a small town girl.
I learned to drive in a town with a four way stop sign on Main.
I got lost in the huge town of 38,000 where we were living.

I reminded myself that I pledged  to go where hubby went,
his God would be my God and his people would be my people.

It's just easier when he goes where I want him to go,
and his people were already my people. 

After a week, I dried my eyes and put on my big girl pants.

Throughout the whole move and all the challenges,
I kept telling myself if the women in covered wagons could handle it,
 so could I.

We discovered we love the Pacific Northwest.
We also discovered that Seattle is the coffee capital of the US...
and we love us some coffee.

Imagine living in a place
where you smell coffee and cedar all day long.
Oh yea, baby, it's true.

Imagine living in a place
where you can choose from four different types of coffee-
in one city block.

Imagine living in a place
where even our gas stations have really good coffee.

No Folgers here, no sirree.

Yea, our family,
we love us some coffee.

Why did I cry about moving to Seattle?

Camping in the summer can be challenging.
We need our morning cuppa' Joe,
but don't really want to start a fire.

My hubby bought this little wonder to brew our morning coffee.
Instead of planting flowers in this aluminum coffee pot,
we actually use it for coffee.

Watching the coffee gurgle in that little glass spout,
is almost as much fun as watching the dryer dry clothes.

We sit and sip our morning coffee,
not minding that it tastes a little tinny
and sometimes there are grounds in your mouth.

It's Camping Coffee,
not be to confused with the $5 latte kinda' coffee.

As you swirl those stray grounds around in your mouth,
it's the taste of

Imagine my thrill when I found this little gem at a garage sale.

I just needed a little tin cup.

Think, think, think.....where did I have one in my house?

Ah, the laundry room
It holds all things left in pockets or picked out of the washer or dryer.

I put all the whatnots in this little tin,

and packed it all up for camping.

It worked great!
I just forgot to pack
espresso grind coffee.
Apparently, my coffee snob daughters thought it was too weak
with regular coffee.

After our camping trip, I found a nice little green speckled enamel cup,
without any rust or chips and threw it in the camping box.

It's all packed away,
ready for our next camping adventure.
Cuz' we Seattle people,
we love us some coffee.


  1. This is sweet. Some day I'll tell you about coffee in Harvey. So far it has mostly been Folgers at home, but Lori Wilcox makes fantastic coffee in her Bunn. :-)

  2. That is one Seattle thing I will take with me wherever I go. COFFEE...Yes I am now a coffee snob, but hey why have it taste ok when you know how good it can be. I totally understand this.

  3. My brother visited Seattle and told me you could leave one nationally named coffee shop - look right and left - and see another shop in BOTH directions! Sounds like my kind of place.

    Now I have to get me one of those little coffee things for camping!

  4. That is adorable! Fun stuff.

    You'd like Alaska. There is a coffes spot on every street corner, even corners in the middle of no-where!

  5. Sounds like a delicious place to live if I'm not prego or nursing! :)

  6. I am a small town girl too. I LOVE the Pacific Northwest, but I do not like the cities. I don't know how you do it!

    It sounds like God is blessing you where you are at and your attitude is very good about the whole thing.

    Coffee does make everything look a little "perkier"! LOL!


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