Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, I Bought a Bikini

Beka and I have this tradition.
When we go on vacation together, we buy matching outfits.

We dress-up, head out on a shopping date,
and pick out something really adorable for our summer adventures.

Our first stop - California to welcome
my oldest daughter's third baby.
(Yea, Beka became an auntie at 5. 
One of the joys of having a large family.)

Next stop -Story Book Lodge in Minnesota,
the Bible camp where my husband was
saved at as a teenager. He returns each summer to preach.

Final leg - drive from Fargo to Seattle,
visiting friends and relatives along the way.

We decided to branch out and really buy
something special this year....
something really daring...
something that would really scream...


So, we bought...

...matching bikinis.

We even bought the matching towels, beach bags, and jelly sandals.

The story of the BAB Monkeys began when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
I blogged about another shopping excursion.
We started 2010 with another visit to the BAB store.

We always start with the cleaning routine.

This year the noise bugged Rebekah.

Since we knew we needed swimwear,
the decision was a lot easier this year.

We even bought a set for granddaughter, Brookelyn,
who is old enough to know she has a matching monkey,
but not old enough to understand the significance.

Some day she will!
There's my girl holding our Monkey Babies.

I've always loved monkeys,
but never was able to have one as a pet.
Instead, I had six kids.

I don't think my kids ever imagined the healing
they would bring to  my heart and life
by buying that first Build-A-Bear Monkey for me.

I love having a tradition to share with Rebekah,
who only remembers Mommy with Cancer.

I usually am the only adult in the BAB store
shopping for herself,
but it thrills me.

Because, as long as I am still shopping with my youngest monkey,
for our BAB monkeys,


  1. I have to admit, you got my attention with the title! What a great tradition. Love the monkeys!!

  2. We have one of those monkeys!

    What a fun tradition.

    My kids have something similar. They have "built" animals (from a non profit I ran) that we use for soldiers deploying or going TDY. We call them Daddy Bear, Daddy Duck, Daddy Turtle, and Daddy Monster (each kid has a different one). Each animal had a recorded message from Daddy. When he is gone, they sleep with their Daddy Animals for comfort.

  3. Awwwww, what a sweet memory you're making! Congrats on the new grandbaby, by the way!

  4. The title also had me holding my breath!! What a beautiful tradition that you shared. Love the monkey bikinis!! Thanks for sharing such a touching part of your life.


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