Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To NOT Nag A Husband

You're never too young to learn how to be a good wife.

At only 8 years old, Rebekah learned a valuable lesson in

You know that drippy faucet thing wives like to do?
Sometimes daughters do it, too.
No, she didn't learn it from me....I don't think...
or maybe I just won't admit it...

awhile ago,
like a few years ago,
a certain Daddy promised a certain little girl a

He was sincere,
he was excited,
he just didn't act as soon as he spoke.
The minute you mention something to kids they want it to happen.
Do any of you NOT tell your kids about something
exciting that is going to happen in the future,
just because you don't want to hear about it
all the time?

Dear Daddy forgot that little trick.

Little Rebekah decided her biological clock was ticking
and she needed that
built before she outgrew it.

She started asking,
"Daddy, when are you going to build my playhouse?"

Almost every night when he came home from work,
"Daddy, are you going to start on my playhouse tonight?"

On the weekends she was relentless
because she knew Daddy had more free time.

I realized she was very quickly approaching that fine line wives
dance on and around  to get the perfect balance -

reminding enough to get a project done
but not

So, Beka and I had a little talk.
I explained men don't like to be nagged.
Sure, they might need gentle reminders, but they can't be nagged.

The more you nag, the less they'll listen.

It's that simple.

She listened and responded.
She quick asking.

The next morning, this was on our dresser.

This was on the lamp on Daddy's side of the bed.

This was on his computer.

This was on the sink "so he'd see it when he brushes his teeth," she said.

There was even one in the hallway,
where Daddy would see it on his way to and from work.

I was amazed.
The thing all parents long for and dream about happened.
She took my advice!

Even better than that,
she came up with a plan of action I hadn't imagined.

When she and I came back from California

this was hanging around the backyard.

 Rebekah's  heros are her Daddy (left) and Uncle Joel.
Uncle Joel is the professional carpenter,
hubby is the weekend warrior with sore thumb to prove it...
that stinkin' hammer did it again.

Beka and I love the
We've spent hours together playing, decorating, sewing, painting,
sleeping, snuggling and dreaming.

More than just a little girl's dream come true,
it symbolizes a mommy's dream come true.
A child took my advice and it worked.

I'm wondering what future blessings await her if she continues to practice
reminding enough to get a project done

but not

I'm also wondering what futurue blessings await if I keep taking my own advice.
You're never too old to learn to be a good wife.


  1. Oh boy can our family relate to this. I can't tell my 9 year old anything exciting that is happening in the future or he will give an hourly countdown till it happens.
    Don't you love it when children heed our advice?
    Have a lovely day my friend.
    P.S. Can we have a peek at the playhouse all done?

  2. I WILL read this story to M&M but mostly the first M of M&M. :)
    (Then I'll read it again for myself!)

    The playhouse looks awesome. I'd love to see how she has decorated it.

  3. It's such a fine line between reminding and nagging! I've always loved when the children leave notes around because Mum and Dad have decreed they don't want to hear any more about a subject. :-)
    And yes, I still with hold exciting engagements until necessary sometimes. Not only the constant asking about it but on the odd occasion the event doesn't come off. Then they never let up!


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