Friday, December 31, 2010

Anything You Say and Do...

This is a reprint, slightly edited, from the very first blog I posted.


I have another new form of punishment and torture for my children – the Internet. Now that I blog, they are under constant scrutiny to provide the next fodder for my cyber-soliloquy. I even carry a small notebook in my purse, and doodle random actions and exclamations, and keep a running OneNote document on each child.

For years I have attempted to journal the comical things they say and do on my daily calendar, or in small notebooks for each child. But, who can keep two decades of calendars? The notebooks were read and re-read so many times the pages fell out. So, now I have the means of chronicling their lives and not only broadcasting it to a much wider audience, I can have it preserved forever

*as long as my hard-drive doesn’t crash (again)
*as long as I remember to backup my computer
*as long as someone doesn’t spill milk on my computer (again)
*as long as I remember yet another password

Now, when I hear bickering, I pull out my notebook, not always so discretely, and begin writing. If I don’t have a notebook, I grab a napkin or a scrap piece of paper. When they notice the writing, they sometimes begin to elevate their diction to a level of acceptability.

Sometimes, I may just casually ask, “What did you just say? I’m not sure I got that right?” with hands posed industriously with pen or keyboard, and they give me THE LOOK.

We all know THE LOOK. All kids use THE LOOK on their parents. It is when their eyebrows and lips morph into the expression that quietly shouts both “What are you thinking?” and “Are you really my parent?”

Then I give them the PARENT LOOK back.

We all know the PARENT LOOK. All children have seen the PARENT LOOK after they have dared question the superior wisdom and authority of their parental unit. It is the look when the eyebrows raise and the lips barely smirk, and we are quietly and victoriously shouting back,

“Yes, I AM thinking” and
“Yes, I AM your parent” but it adds,

“And if you don’t behave better, I am going to wear leopard stretch pants or a sweater with beads, mirrors and sequins sewed all over it the next time I take you out in public…and THEN I am going to blog you. Because, remember,

Anything you say and do, can be blogged against you.

 You were warned, Grace Face.

 So were you, Rebekah.

Bethany should be leading by example.

Even our Fearless Father learned to mind his P's and Q's.
(What are P's and Q's, anyway?)

Jon learned that present and past actions are up for scrutiny.

The grandkids were warned, too.
Well, I guess they will be when they are old enough to understand.

Just reminding anyone in my world,
for the 499th time,

Anything you say and do,
can be blogged against you. 


  1. A powerful, powerful tool that is second only to the camera. We cruel wives/mothers who have decided to take on the job of carrying the camera in our purse are not people to put up a fuss against. ;)

  2. I am TOTALLY going to use that phrase.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Mrs. Peltier, P's and Q's are from Alegrba2/trig! They are something you use to evaluate an average of something (or something like that). P/Q :D It's a ratio.

  4. Yea, thanks Black Sheep of my Family! I finally know what P's and Q's are!!!!!!!

  5. This was a precious post! I love how you used pictures of the previous blog posts to demonstrate your point! I do not want kids of my own in life yet, but I do sometimes think my blog would be a lot more interesting if I had some!


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