Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seeking Heart of a Child

Last night, Rebekah called me into her room to show me something.

She had  made a list of special Bible verses
to look at whenever she wanted to.

I love to watch her heart beginning a journey of seeking after the Lord.

What's even more beautiful is knowing the Lord
is more delighted in Rebekah's growing desire than me.
Though it seems it couldn't get any better than this,
it does.

The Lord loves true seekers, and doesn't turn them away.

Jeremiah 29:13
 And you will seek Me
and find Me,
when you search for Me
with all your heart.

As parents, we have the privilege  of teaching our children about salvation.

We all know, and sometimes weep over our failings,
 our example is crucial.

Our kids need to see us reading and studying the Bible.
They need to see us praying - not worrying - praying.
They need to see us enjoying fellowship around the Lord Jesus Christ.
They need to see that we are serious about soul-winning.

They need to see
life service,
lip service.

However, we can rejoice that their salvation
is not dependent
on our perfection,
it is dependent on His perfection.

Humility in our failings, and our ability to love and thank the Lord
for His grace and mercy,
is still a testimony.

In the end, we must understand,
salvation is dependent on the Lord's sure promises to save -
and our child's desire to be saved.

We sow the seeds of the Gospel,
we water the seed with much prayer and tears,
then wait to see the seed take root.
is a wonderful book on winning the souls of children.
It is very useful for  parents or
anyone working in children's ministries.

If you are feeling the need for a little extra encouragment today,
as you think about your soul-winning privilege,
feel free to use Rebekah's list.

You can look at it whenever you want to.


(Offered with the comment,
"But don't worry Mom, it isn't anything disgusting.")


  1. How wonderful! I was just praying this morning that my children come to a real understanding of Jesus and salvation at a young age. Your thoughts reminded me what sort of impact my actions can have on that.

  2. Rebekah, what a joy! You make me laugh.

  3. Now that was beautiful! No greater joy can be brought as you watch the heart of a child seek the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

  4. "don't worry Mom, it isn't anything disgusting".

    Too cute.

    Made me chuckle.

  5. Oh how precious!! Love the comment about the Song of Solomon verse. She's just too cute.


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