Friday, December 10, 2010

If You Give A Child A Hammer...

When is it smart to give a very small child a hammer?

When you're making Peppermint Bark,
of course.

Four very large candy canes were unwrapped,
placed in a gallon ziploc bag,
(one at a time)
placed on a cutting board,
and smashed silly with a hammer.

The kids loved this part.
It was really the only part they wanted to help with.

Little Norah went first because she was the youngest.

Big Brother Avery, patiently waiting his turn with the hammer.
Considering it was a tool,
and it made a loud noise,
this young man did an incredible job
of waiting his turn.

Last year we dipped pretzels in the vanilla CandiQuik,
this year we opted to make Peppermint Bark together.

We melted half a package of CandiQuik in the microwave
and stirred in the smithereens of two large candy canes.

filling paper petit four papers with the mixture. 

You can spread it on parchment paper
 and break into pieces when cooled,
but I think the little papers are neater and easier to serve.

Of course, you could decide to decorate the top
with some kind of edible garnish,
or you could add a layer of chocolate to the bottom first.
Sometimes, busy Moms of young ones aren't looking
for the most elaborate way to create a confection,
but the quickest.

After playing while the moms made
two batches of fudge and two batches of bark,
the kids were ready for a snack.

Rebekah has learned it is all about the dishes.
Milk tastes better in imitation crystal pedestal coffee mugs.

Avery learned that  patience is rewarded.

 Mighty Mite Norah learned it's fun to smash things with a hammer.
She's probably contemplating a career in carpentry.

Since we began blogging about our neighborly adventures together,
I've received many comments from readers saying,
"I wish I had a Kelly-Across-the-Street!"
We are thankful for the friendship we share,
parenting isn't a journey to travel alone.

We've been very intentional about our friendship,
and early on started our traditions.
Even though we live close,
we know if we don't put things on the calendar,
they might not happen.

It's not too late for you...
look around...
that friend might not be across the street,
is always a good time
to put your new traditions
on your calendar.


  1. My "Kelly-across-the-street"s live a bit farther away but we still have fun. You're right about the planning things on the calendar though. We would never get together if we didn't make a date!

  2. Looks like fun! Love the glasses! xxx

  3. Great fun!
    You are blessed to have this special friend and neighbour.

  4. Every time we move, I pray that God will give us at least one good neighbor, with whom we can share the joys and trials of life. So far, He has blessed us beyond measure. This time we have Mrs. Grace-across-the-street...a much needed grandma figure who loves my crew, and her Mister that comes running to rescue us when Daddy is off doing Army things and we need help...God is good!

  5. Mmmm, bark. I just made some chocolate and oreo bark and it was delicious.

  6. I read this blog entry yesterday and put it to good use in my own life today. I already had a date with my Jenny-from-the-next-town-over...and actually it was with her kids only. We made gingerbread houses. But, I dug up some year old candy canes and brought them along. Once there, I put them into a trusty ziplock and started beating them with the ice cream scoop. The kids thought this was a hoot!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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