Monday, December 6, 2010

Out of the Mouth of My Baby

My daughter, Rebekah,
wanted to be a guest blogger for a day.
As we talked about her closing and the need for something positive,
she agreed and said,
"You write from your heart,
not from your brain."

I am the baby of the family.
 I hate being called that.
I am 8 years old.
Which I think is very old to me.
I don't mean very, very old,
just in-between.
But my brothers and sisters think 
I am still very young to them.
Like I said, I think I am very old to me.
Sometimes my dad will tell a friend
 my age and say that I am six or three,
if he's joking.

But in a way, I like being the baby of the family,
because  I get to be with my mom each day.
 I also get to dress-up for school if I want to.

As you see my nice family is smiling.
My   brothers and sisters are happy to be together.

But sometimes my family goofs off and messes up the picture.  

I like being the baby of the family. Because I get to see my mom everyday.
And I get to play at home. And I get to see my three siblings that live at home.
 My two other ones are  moved away.
My sibling are Beth, Grace, Jon, Jana, Dan.
And there's me,


  1. good job Beka!
    Fun to see you turn into a writer just like mom. =)

  2. Very beautiful Rebekah! You are very blessed to have such a wonderful mother and siblings! xxx

  3. I think you must have your mom's talent Rebekah! I still remember all that bushy white blonde hair you had when you were first born! Gorgeous!

  4. Beautifully written! What a sweet post and such a beautiful child - inside and out.

  5. She is so proud of her family and so happy she can stay home. She is truly learning what a gift family is and what is really important in life. What a blessing to read her blog. Great thoughts Rebekah!! :)

  6. Hey, Rebekah, I love reading your Mom's blog, and I just had to tell you, I think this is my favorite thing I've seen/read all day. :D Great job!

    P.S. - Siblings are the best!!! :)

  7. Love it rebekah! we miss you....come visit us soon....oh, and i LOVE your dress!
    Mrs. Lange

  8. Very precious! Rebekah, God made you the 'baby' of the family for a reason. There could never be another you.

  9. I loved your blog, Bekka. Don't tell your mom, but you got more responses than she normally does. (giggle)
    Love, Auntie Laurie


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