Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuffing the Stockings

I admitted yesterday-
I've hardly done any Christmas shopping
and I've hardly done any Christmas baking.

I'm a little behind schedule,
 I have a lot of company arriving prior to Christmas,
but I'm not worried. 

What gets done gets done.
What doesn't get done, we'll do together.

People are coming to see me,
not my house.

They know if they want exquisite food,
they should go to a nice restaurant.

I love having company,
I just have a have had a huge reality check
stamped on my forehead during the last six years.

There will be cookies and snacks.
There will be healthy meals.
The house will be clean at the moment of arrival,
and probably not a minute sooner,
or a minute later.

I AM praying for my company and their time in my home.
I AM praying that Christ would be shown.
I AM praying that my company would be blessed,
relaxed and recharged for the new year.

However, there is one area I am usually prepared for,
the Christmas stockings.

Sometime in the fall,
I write a name on a bag for each person.

I begin shopping.
School clearance is a great time to start for fun, practical items.
Halloween clearance is a great time to buy candy.

Small sale items are purchased and immediately dropped into the bags.

We love things like
lip balms 
bobby pins
hair items
fun toothbrushes
small lotions
small Sharpies
special pens
fingernail clippers
(this is purely selfish, I don't want them taking mine)
hand sanitizers
fingernail polish and decals
deck of cards
travel games

When the bags are full, I am done.
I know the stockings will be full.

I like to wrap the items,
but not too far ahead of time,
I forget what they are.

I already had to unwrap some gifts from the stocking bags.

For further ideas, check out this list.

Please add your best stocking stuffers below!


  1. What a great idea ~ starting bags in the fall and filling them throughout the great seasonal sales.

  2. I love that idea. I'm going to use it this next year. I'll be praying for you as you get it all done. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the little bit I have to do for Christmas this year. And it is only a little bit. I know people will understand if I do nothing, but I don't want to do nothing.... :-)

  3. I needed a dose of your calmness and peace this morning! Things to do are racing around my brain, things that still need to get done, needing creative ideas etc. They will get done and I need to slow down and enjoy this day! The stocking stuffer ideas are wonderful! Thanks for sharing and always being such a blessing.

  4. I really like that idea! I am going to try to do that next year. Thanks.

  5. just please don't hide mine in the oven this year! no one ever remembers to check to see if something is in it before turning it on....


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