Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year of Medicine

Reader's Digest says that,
"Laughter is the Best Medicine."

I'm not dissing laughter,
but let's look at what the Scripture says.

Laughter in the Bible usually means mockery, scorn and derision.

Think about it.
Sometimes, we use the noise of laughter
 to cover the pain or sin in our hearts.

Sometimes,  we use the noise of laughter
as a barrier to those trying to access and heal the pain.

The real cure  is to have a
merry heart,
a heart that is rejoicing in the Lord,
despite circumstances.

Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones.

 As your heart rejoices in the Lord,
it bubbles over with joyful words and sounds.

The Lord knows  the happy sounding noise isn't enough.

As the Lord helped me through
a year started with a leaky dishwasher and a ruined floor in January,
and a third round of cancer in February,
I knew I needed a lot more than my doctor's medicine.

It's a good way to face the world,
with faith in your heart,
a smile on your face,
and laughter on your tongue.

I've chosen some of the humorous blogs of 2009,
to show the year of the medicine I enjoyed.

My husband and son vent on an ice-fishin' trip, ya' know.

I published my first book and was pardoned a parking ticket.

Rules to survive my house were printed for the benefit of the populace.

My cowgirl friend from high school  let me give her a Prairie Pedicure.

My  Big Bible Jelly Belly was discussed.

It was revealed that my Amazing Grace is a Cyberchondriac.

 It was admitted publically that I love being a Mommy.

 It was admitted publically that sometimes I am a Bad Mommy.

 You were warned that not all smells from my kitchen are good ones.

The limits to my frugality were listed.

I confessed that the FBI is hot on my trail.

 My daughter Rebekah offered Gender Identification Advice.

As long as you have the merry heart  along with the laughter,
it IS the best medicine.


  1. Love the FBI post. I hadn't read that one...since I only "met" you recently.

  2. You are one special person Mindy. You bring laughter and joy to so many even through cancer. I'm praying for continued healing in your body and continued joy in your heart to the Lord for His mercies.


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