Friday, December 17, 2010

Lights Ya' Leave Up Year 'Round

 Christmas lights are one of my favorite holiday decorations.

They add  feeling to the decorating.

When they're vintage, I like them even better.

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What could be cuter than plastic "candles",
very plastic holly,
and little elves falling all over?

I only had one Bubble Light that fit,
or I would have put them in all the candles.

This is how my dining room glows at night.

My Christmas tree has vintage white tinsel
that really picks up the lights.

What a find!

Each window is topped with greenery and white lights,
decorated differently each year.

This year I'm tired. I didn't add much.

We leave this up for awhile after Christmas.

Sometimes a long while.

I love to sit in the living room,
basking in the cliched glow from the Christmas lights.
It is a cozy, warm feeling, that invokes the
joy of Christmases past,
the love from Christmas present,
and the hope for Christmases future.

The little lights brighten up the room so much,
that's why we leave them up for so long.

We have the same job in the world,
ya' know, 
as those little white Christmas lights.

Philippians 2:15
 that you may become blameless and harmless,
children of God without fault
in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation,
among whom you shine
as lights in the world,

May God give us the strength and grace,
to really let our light shine.

Only these lights,
should never be packed away in the attic.


  1. Brilliant Christmas tree! We too love basking in the lights beaming from our tree and are reminded of the words of Jesus, that our lamps are on a hill shining forth! xxx

  2. I love your decor! Especially the shelf with the tins on it, what a wonderful collection you have! :) And I have to agree, vintage items makes christmas decor sing! Thank you for sharing your Christmas spirit with us! ...And thank you for always being the first to go to my blog and comment on my projects, you are so encouraging! :) God bless!


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