Friday, December 24, 2010

Help Yourself Hospitality - Breakfast!

Mornings come too quickly.

Especially during the holidays.

Especially if you've been up talking with relatives,
drinking decaf,
watching holiday movies,
wrapping presents,
or reading a good book.

It's just hard to be up-and-at-'em early in the morning,
especially with a house full of early-rising old,
I mean experienced, people.

I like to have things out and ready, so if I am not out in the kitchen,
they feel comfortable
Helping Themselves.

Start with one jar of regular rolled oats, for those healthy on-a-diet kinda' guests.
Add one jar of Trader Joe's lowfat vanilla and almond granola.

Add one tub of instant oatmeals.
I try to find ones that are low in sugar,
but it can be a challenge.

Take jars from your craft room, wash, and fill in with healthy
 mix-ins for the cereals.

(L to R) I have dried cranberries, dried apricots diced into small pieces,
raisins and slivered almonds.

Mix together on a tray and you are almost ready for breakfast.

These three jars are always on my counter filled with cold cereal.
I was tired of having so many opened boxes in the pantry,
spilling and getting stale,
so this was a pleasing solution  for all of us. 

This is another standard always on my kitchen counter.

In our early years of marriage,
someone gave us the wise advice that it's cheaper to eat healthy,
than to pay for a doctor.

The bread basket is also a company staple. 
I fill it with good breads, bagels and English muffins,
so my company has a lot of options for
Helping Themselves
in the morning.

A lot of women get up and make wonderful breakfasts for their company.
I get up.
Living through years of cancer has changed my view on life
and my definition of what is being hospitable,
and I accept my limitations.

If I have company that hasn't stayed overnight in my home before,
I casually let them know that if I haven't slept well,
I won't be up early.
They are shown where everything is in the kitchen,
the bathrooms and the linen closets,
so that if I can't meet their needs,
they can
Help Themselves.

Cancer has taken much from me,
but I can't allow it to take hospitality.

I am feeling healthier and stronger than I have in years,
but I have learned to PACE not PUSH.
If there are three meals in a day,
and I know I can't give them all 100%,
I choose where to put my most energy.
So, I help myself,
by allowing my guests
Help Themselves to Breakfast.


  1. What a great idea! And I really think it makes people feel at home when they do something to help out. :) Besides, almost no two people like breakfast at the same time anyways!

  2. I love that pace not push. Glad youare feeling so good. :-) Me too! Am looking forward to this weekend! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh, MM, I love this idea. I really like the "mix-ins" in little containers.

    I am the "Get up and make breakfast" girl. However, I don't wrap pretty presents, make beautiful crafts, or sew gorgeous decorations. I just cook. But, there are days when this idea really would help.

  4. Smart woman! Again...something I could handle at this season of life and still extend hospitality.


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