Saturday, January 1, 2011


A few years ago,
I started a new journey in life,
one that tested my faith,
my endurance,
my sleep,
my purpose in life,
and my knowledge in the Scriptures.

It also gave me much joy,
new friends,
prayer support
and laughs.

Today, the new journey reached the milestone -

The number 500 was significant to Noah
because that's his age when he became a father
to Shem, Ham and Japeth.
These four men went on to build the Ark,
a beautiful old testament picture of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The number 500 was significant to  Moses
because the Lord commanded him to make
holy anointing oil,
including the measured ingredients of
using 500 shekels of liquid myrrh
and  500 shekels of cassia.
It was to anoint the tabernacle
and Aaron and his sons,
in ministering worship to the Lord God.
An oil of myrrh, aloes and cassia was used to
anoint the Lord Jesus unto His death,
after He came out of his ivory palaces
to this world of woe.
The number 500 was significant to Ezekiel,
because it was the measurement of the outer court of the Temple,
the wall that separated the holy from the common area.
This signifies the separation of the sacred and the secular
in our own Christian lives.
We are to be in the world, but not of the world.

The number 500 was significant to the man
who had a debt of 500 denarii forgiven.
It is the measure of forgiveness,
and should be equaled to the measure of our love.
He who is forgiven much, loves much.

500 is significant  in studying numbers in  the Scripture.

5 x 100 = 500

5 is the number of grace.
100 is also called hundredfold,
the measurement of the fruit born by a mature Christian.
It's also the measure of blessings restored and reaped in Heaven
for desires and privileges denied Christians while on earth.
This number is also significant to me,
this is my 500th blog.

I am humbled and blessed by the faithfulness of the Lord
for this journey.
I am equally humbled and blessed by the faithfulness
of friends, relatives and fellow bloggers
who have supported me by
 reading my blog,
encouraging me and
praying for me.

As I continue to write in this new year,
I am praying that I will out pour


  1. Congrats and you will.... you are a huge blessing. Glad to know you my friend.

  2. Congratulations! and all the best for a wonderful year in 2011!

  3. I learn something just about every time I stop by!

  4. I love reading your perspective -- thanks for all those 500!


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