Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom, I'm B-O-R-E-D!!

I don't know how kids can be bored.
With the lack of adult responsibility,
they should be brimming with fabulous ideas
to fill up  their free time.

Moms have great snappy little answers when they hear,
"M-aw-aw-aw-awm!  I'm boooooooooooooooored."

My favorite answer is, "Only boring people get bored." 
I try to encourage them
to create,
to learn,
to read,
to conquer,
to discover.
If they don't want to be amazing,
 I would settle for them
just not bothering me while I am working. 
'Cuz that's what Moms do.  We work.

My copying-my-mother retort is,
"If you're bored, then find something to do.
 The toilets always need cleaning." 
Cuz, ya' know, if they are so bored,
why shouldn't they take something off my list for the day?

Wouldn't you love having time to be bored? 

Wouldn't you love taking a nap each day?

But, kids are kids and adults are adults,
so they will be nap-hating, bored little rascals,
and we will be nap-longing, too-busy worn-out rascals.

Moms just need to stay one step ahead of their kids.

Years ago,  I started a tradition I call the
Summer List.

In the spring, the each start writing down everything
they would possibly want to do in a summer.

  It can have to do with food, skill learning, traveling, etc. 
 They can be big or little items. 

 I encourage a lot of both. 
If they want to go to Egypt, they still put it down. 
We can always go through the Internet. 

 It goes in our Summer Binder,
along with summer reading program information,
  brochures of places we want to go,
and crafts and activities we want to try. 

Good thing I wrote this blog. 
I found the missing Summer Binder. 
Can you tell it has been awhile? 
It has been  missing for one baby, three major moves,
three graduations and three bouts of cancer.

We have been doing lists sporadically,
and after giving up hope of finding my original,
I had made a new binder.

When they think they are bored,
they choose something off their list
and make it happen.

One of their favorite summer feats is to chew
 a whole pack of gum at a time. 
 Supervised, of course,
with Mom sure they are going to choke
 or poke their eye out.

They also love to sleep on the tramp.

We camp in the backyard.

Parks are explored, new candies are purchased,
recipes tried, forts made.

We may finish an item, and forget to cross it off.
We may do something that wasn't on the list.
The lists are never finished, but that isn't the goal. 

but it is a training tool.
I am teaching them to train themselves
 to not be bored.
Learning to set and accomplish goals
isn't a bad character trait
to learn over boring summer months, either.

I also learn about hidden desires and aspirations
they might not have shared with me.
The list becomes shows their heart in writing.
Then I have the wonderful opportunity to help
 make some of those little dreams come true.

But, to them, the Summer List
 is about pure fun and adventure.

To me,
the Summer List
 keeps me from hearing,
I'm boooooooooooooooooored!"

Today Jon made a pan of Special K Bars.
'Cuz it was on his Summer List,
ya' know.

Looking for another cute idea for the rascals? 
Make the "Mom I'm Bored Jar "
created by Steph from Somewhat Simple.
She is participating in Skip To My Lou's
summer Craft Camp series for kids.
30 days,  30 bloggers, 30 crafts.

An old favorite, Family Fun,
has a wonderful website
and newsletters delivered to your inbox.
They have a great feature,
How-To Videos
so the kids don't always need Mom's help.

If you have any ideas,
or have blogged about somehting that would keep kids from yelling
"I'm Bored!" please leave a comment.

We all need ammunition for the wonderful months ahead.


  1. This is excellent! I wish I had kids so I could do this. Maybe I will make a list myself, although I am never really bored. ;)

  2. Great idea. Karis would love this!

  3. made our lists today! thanks for the reminder. We usually do a family list together, but I like this AND it was fun to see your kiddos!

  4. This is a great idea, Mindy!
    I have had a rule that they can't say that dreaded phrase without incurring a job! But I do think it starts with us. If we are busy, interested and interesting it rubs off.
    My boys might take up that packet of gum challenge! Ow...aching jaws!

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    To answer your question my porch furniture is real wicker..but even if its not the real stuff you can still spray paint it..check out the spray paint made just for plastic..I use it all the time & its great! But I have spray painted plastic with regular spray paint..just make sure to prime it really good!
    And I love the summer list..I believe Im gonna try that!

  6. Thanks for featuring me! I am glad you liked the idea!


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