Wednesday, June 16, 2010

₡lothing Ex₡hange $ave$ $$$ on Teen$' ₡lothe$

Having daughter$ is an expen$ive habit.
We know.
We have four.

They n-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-d
(said with an exaggerated whine)
₡lothe$, $hoe$, make-up, ₡lothe$, per$onal ₡are item$,
jean$, hair ₡are product$ and gadget$, $hirts,
finger-nail poli$he$ and gadget$, ₡lothe$ and $hoe$.

Once you buy one item on the li$t,
it require$ $everal other item$ on the li$t
to ₡reate a properly a₡₡e$orized outfit.

To help fill teens' closets without
emptying the wallet,
I hosted my second clothing exchange
for teenage girls and their mothers.
Read about the first one here.

The rules are simple.
You bring clothes and stuff,
you take home clothes and stuff.
There are no rules on how much you bring
or how much you take home.
The "stuff" would be purses, belst, shoes,
makeup, personal care items,
that would be useful to someone else.

We all have items in our closet
that didn't really match,
didn't really fit,
we outgrew,
or grew tired of wearing.

It didn't take long to fill the garage with clothing
 when people began arriving for set-up at 1:30pm.

I forgot to take pictures during this time,
as I was busy enjoying
grown-up conversation
with grown-up Moms.

I had three empty bookshelves in my garage
that I labeled with the items
and the sizes.

The girls were able to walk in and just put
their clothing on the shelves and the tables.

It's always thrilling when each of the girls
end up going home with a bag,
or two,
or three
of "new-to-them" clothing.

Irena modeled an outfit she put together.

India is ready for a festive occasion
in her beautiful new dress.
Free fashion for Mikaela and Rachel,
who really had a great sense of putting things together.

A new dressy, sparkly t-shirt
with the perfect colors for Abigail.

Little Norah was the star of the day,
clomping around in these high-heeled shoes.

Little girls want to grow up and be big girls.

Moms want to know how their little girls
became big girls
so quickly.

And, in the midst of all the growing the daughters are doing,
and the marveling and reminiscing the moms are doing,
a clothing exchange is a great way
to keep the growing girls
in well-a₡₡e$$orized outfit$.

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  1. What a great idea! I am always so inspired when I leave here!!! Teenage boys aren't quite so dramatic with their clothing needs, but I can remember being a teenage girl and the importance of clothes and accesories!! What a great way to save money and also get "new stuff"! Thanks for sharing!


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