Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grace Loves Her Daddy

To Daddy from Grace

Dear Dad,

Father's Day is ridiculous

I think we should spend everyday celebrating you,
not just one day every year.
But since it only comes once a year,
today is a special day.  

I want you to know that I feel sorry for all the girls out there
who don't have you for a father.
You have taught me so many things,
and I know I can always look to you for advice
or money..hehe.

You are always willing to give a hand when I'm in trouble,
and I appreciate that.
I think my favorite memory of us is when I was younger
you would take me on a date to get your hair cut Saturday mornings,
and afterwards you would take me out to breakfast.

Just a few of the many things you have taught me are:
 to love the Bible,
make eggs the 'right' way,
the correct position for my arms while running,
 and to love Duke University's basketball team.

You are truly a man of God and a great father,
and I am so blessed to be your daughter.
I love you, Grace

Happy Father's Day!


  1. I love these father's day cards! It will be fun when my little ones get to put their thoughts down all by themselves on paper. :-)

  2. aw. I like this. :) It is so Grace. So fun. Thanks for sharing the special note and memories. Darling little girl!


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