Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Golden Anniversary

My parents came to town to celebrate their
Golden Anniversary.

50 years.
That's a lotta years.
That's a lotta anniversaries to remember.
Good thing it is always on the same day,
huh, Dad?

On our way out the door,
my hubby grabbed my camera outta my hands.

I have to admit,
sometimes I am NOT a good sharer.

However, I was enjoying the generational power shift,
as I bossed my parents around for a few minutes.
My Dad was sticking his tongue out,
and mom has a tendency to shut her eyes.

Other than that,  I was thinking
"WOW!  They look great!
And these are MY parents!"

Caught in action.

I was impressing upon my husband the need to have
really GOOD pictures,
not just a slew of awkward pictures,
because he had an itchy trigger finger
and my camera was on the continuous shooting mode.

Not sure if they were laughing when my
high heels plunged into the soft grass and I lost my balance,
or when I was fussing at my husband
about awesome pictures,

but, this is my favorite shot.

I love that my parents love each other.

I love that they have loved one another
for more than five decades,
more than fifty years,
more than 600 months,
more than 2,600 weeks,
more than 18,250 hours,
more than 26,280,000 minutes.

Like many their generation,
Mom and Dad didn't have studio portraits taken
to document the accumulating years.

They were too busy trying to keep six growing kids
fed and clothed.

I was pleased with the pictures,
but found it to be a small tribute to such
a wonderful accomplishment.

That's amazing.
That's incredible.
That's my parents.

Glad I kept them,
they're keepers.


  1. See . . .i can do somethings right . . .

  2. That's wonderful. You're really blessed to still have both of your parents.

    My dad passed away at the young age of 43. I, being the oldest of nine and 23 at the time - my youngest brother 3yrs old.

    My parents just celebrated their 24th Wedding Anniversary a month before.

    Some days its hard to think about our dear loss... and not having a lot MORE memories, then I do, of my dad. Its really hard to think of him not knowing my husband or children.

    Enjoy, your moments with your family - each one. Your parents are really adorable. They look like they still got a lot of spunk left in them. ;)

  3. those are fantastic photos to commemorate a wonderful milestone! You are blessed indeed. It looks as though God has been pleased to give them good health as well as long life. Wow!

  4. Oh, Mindy! You are so pretty, and your parents are just darling. You must be so blessed! Will's parents 50th is this year. I can hardly believe it. God bless you.

  5. Bevy, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I am exactly at that stage now - my oldest is 23 and I have been married 24 years - and I can only imagine the grief your family has experienced. I can see where a loss like that would follow you your entire life. I know the Lord blessed you with your husband, his wisdom seems to exceed his years and he has the spiritual strength you missed maturing fatherless. Thanks for the encouragement to enjoy my family, those reminders are always precious.


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