Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making a List, But Not Checking it Twice

Sunday night, we prepared for Monday.

We picked up the house, vaccuumed and did all the dishes. 
Lotsa' "stuff" was put away. 
Garbages were all emptied for garbage day.

But, now that school is over,
I find myself wondering what exactly to do with a new week.

It's not that I don't have anything to do. 
 It is that I have too much to do
and I don't know how to begin to use these few weeks of free time I have. 
I need to be wise and diligent,
but really,
all I feel like doing is sitting and reading
and being waited on hand and foot.

Since that's not gunna' happen, I need to be productive.

I need to make my own Summer List and put it in the Summer Binder

Early on, my lists were like the kids' lists. 
Just fun things I wanted to do.
The summer of 2002 I was very pregnant, due in September.
Didn't get a lot done.

The next summer, I started adding a few house projects.
Didn't matter what I put down, it didn't get done.
We spent the summer moving six blocks away,
to my dream house.
Oh, and I had a crawling, ladder-climbing baby.
(A 9month old baby climbed an 8 foot ladder.
If I could find the video footage,
I would prove it.)

Last July, in visiting with a dear friend,
she gave me her summer plan of attack.

Five Things.
It was enough to challenge her,
but not enough to overwhelm.

I have to look at this and say,
I kinda' finished all the projects.

I finished the  meal binder.

I cut the napkins, sewed around the edges,
and began carrying them everywhere to unravel the edges.
Now, after working on them for months,
I can't find them.
It makes me sick.

I hung a small  ladder
in the hallway,
and carefully placed a folded vintage
handkerchief on each rung.

I hung a larger ladder  in the hallway,
and began displaying my vintage baby items,
and the little outfits each of my children
wore home from the hospital.

Then, I got tired of the kids knocking
everything off the wall,
so I repacked all the vintage items,
and put them in the attic.

When they learn to WALK down the hallway,
with their hands to their sides,
I might put it back on my Summer List.

I got this done!  New photo frames and a tin thing.

Yea, it is happily every after.

Now, I contemplate my Summer List.

I KNOW I won't get it all done.
I KNOW that will frustrate me.
I KNOW if I don't write it down,
and I don't do it,
it won't bother me as much.
I KNOW if I don't write it down,
and I do it,
the victory won't be as sweet.

I won't be able to
cross it off my list.

My Monday goal?
Gotta' make my weekly list,
those little nagging errands that need to be done.
Gotta' make my grocery list,
because I am Ol' Mother Hubbard.
Then, I'm gunna' make my
Summer List.

Then, I'm going to forget to post my Monday blog,
until Tuesday.


Maybe I should just sit and read...

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  1. Hmmmmm, maybe "visit Walla Walla" should be on your list! Call you soon.... I'm headed your way this weekend.


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