Saturday, June 12, 2010

MM Meditation - Inheriting Treasure

Proverbs 8:21

 That I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth,

That I may fill their treasuries.

Everyone has seen this typical scenario in a movie:  the eager family of a rich, despised  and deceased relative is gathered greedily around the oak conference table. They are waiting for the Last Will and Testament to be read. They are either elated or aghast when they each, in turn, hear the sum of their inheritance.

The Lord isn't talking about financial wealth in this verse.  The original word was translated "substance" in the King James and "wealth" in the New King James. I think to be more accurate, they should have chosen the other definition of the Hebrew word, which is "existence."  This Hebrew word was also translated as "is", "be" and "have" in other verses.

Those that love Him inherit, or receive as a possession, their very existence.

He knits us together in our mother's womb, He is the author of physical birth.

He gives us each breath, He is the author of life.

He gives us salvation, He is the author of eternal life.

He blesses our days as we serve Him, He is the author of the abundant life.

Then, above all we can ask or imagine, He fills our treasuries, which means our storehouses, our cellars. It can mean treasure, such as gold and silver,  supplies of food or drink and even figuratively, spiritual weapons. He gives us all spiritual blessings as listed in Ephesians 1.  He provides our needs, Matthew 6, and  gives us armor for spiritual battles, Ephesians 6.

The Lord Jesus died, and we can be elated to  discover, by  reading His final Will and Testament, the Bible, we can receive the entirety of His treasury through faith in Him.

Because we love Him, we are blessed.
Because we are blessed, we love Him.

Because we bless Him, we are loved.
Because we are loved, we bless Him.

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  1. How lucky we are to be blessed by the Lord! I know I am experiencing abundance from him in a way only he could give right now! Thank you for the reminder of what the scripture truly means! (BTW, I had a dream that I met you last night! We were shopping in a grocery store and bumped into each other...I woke up thinking, what a fun time that would be if it truly happened!)
    Have a wonderful day, Mindy! (HOw is your health?)


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