Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jana Loves Her Daddy

To Daddy from Jana

Jana was four years old, and her portrait is hilarious.
The hair is accurate, but we always laughed about the spoon.
 We also love his knees.
Maybe because that is the height she was at the time,
that is what she was seeing.
Read on to see how her vision of her Daddy
changed over the years.

To Daddy from Jana

Being the oldest isn't always the funnest role in the family,
especially the oldest girl.

My Dad and I fought many battles growing up...
Jeans below the belly button? *gasp* NO WAY!
Eyeliner? "It will just make you look goth."

Having an opinionated girl was all new territory for everyone.
I didn't know how to be a teenager and
Dad was trying to figure out how to relate to me!

Dad teases me quite often with words that I said when I was little,

"Me do myself."

Those three words pretty much sum me up.

There's one word that sums my Dad up -


Looking back over my life,
I see over and over again
 his demonstration of his love to me.

And not just the lovey-dovey love.

Love when it seems impossible to love someone.

Love when he wanted to rip my head off.

Love when his heart was breaking.

Love when my heart was breaking.

Love when he didn't have any love left in him.

Unconditional love.

My attitude of "me do myself" gets me into trouble.
A lot.

But Dad stood,
 and continues to stand,
 by me.

He didn't agree with paths I had chosen,
but he would continually show me love.

A text message. An email.

Constant little reminders he was never leaving me.

He gave me a glimpse of how the heavenly Father loves.

He taught me how I should love.

Love is action.

Dad's actions speak louder
than anything he could ever say to me.

Except, when he says, "I love you with all my heart."
I melt like a Popsicle on the 4th of July.

And now not only does my Dad continue to Love me,
he is loving on my husband and two kiddos.

What an answer to prayer!

If you know our story,
you know that Dad had to the right
 to pull out the shot gun.

Instead, he opened his big heart,
(how does he still have so much room after me?)
 and his arms, and welcomed Aaron in.

I know it was hard for him.
I could see it in his eyes and graying hair.

But underneath,
I saw his Love starting to pour out.
I saw our Heavenly Father shining through Dad,
helping him love.

Dad's love has supported me and
helped me grow into the young lady I am today.

I know it wasn't easy but he really has let "Me do Myself."

He showed me how to turn that into something good.

Now I want, "Me do together with the Lord."

He has taught me how to forgive.

He has taught me how to reach people.

He has taught me how to be a witness.

He has taught me how to live out a life of love.

He has taught me how to show love to my family.

He taught me how to love by loving me with All His Heart.

Dad, I love you with all my heart.

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