Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's That Smell?

kIdS   iN   tHe   KiTcHeN

One of my goals in life,
 is to make sure all of my kids
know how to cook
when they leave my home.

Another goal is to make sure
 I still have a home to cook in
when my kids leave home.

I learned early in parenting,
that for about
every 15 minutes of kids in the kitchen,

I'm going to have roughly one hour of cleanup.
If you allow more than one in the kitchen at a time,
that ratio is multiplied with great amounts of exasperation.

(Little Gracie, about 3 years old)

But, this little mess maker
 turned into my Thanksgiving dinner baker.
There is always hope!

I am thinking of writing a cookbook with our family's favorite recipes,
but I think I'll have to include "fire extinguisher"
 in the list of items needed for each recipe.

I learned long ago that I can never have too many potholders,
because they traditionally get burned up.
It is the first initiation into cooking with mom,
a tradition followed haphazardly by all my kids.
They have also started dishtowels on fire,
because when they can't find a potholder,
they like to grab the towels hanging on the oven.
But, they always dangle on the element and start on fire,
of course.

This week I smelled something I haven't smelled
since I burned the entire bottom out
of my Tupperware sugar cannister.
I guess making jelly, talking on the phone,
and having five little kids around was just
multitasking for me.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Somebody also turned on the wrong burner.

It took days to get all the plastic removed.
Remember my clean stove with
the brand-new drip pans?

Wanna knows who has guilty hands
with bright blue fingernail polish?

Yeah.  OOPS!

I assured her that the cookbook I got for my wedding,
had an identical burn pattern on it.

Apples are falling from both sides
of the family tree.
Lemme show you my husband's secret ingredient for
our Southwest Roast...

Should I be wondering why having
kids in the kitchen is such a disaster?

They come by it honestly.

From both sides of the family.

Anybody want to come for dinner this week?

I double-dog dare ya'.


  1. Seeing Grace that age makes me miss Box T. And I would love to come over to dinner!

  2. I would love to come for dinner too. I would probably feel right at home since I have similar problems in the kitchen!

  3. LOL! I have done the same thing with potholders on the stove, burned or cut myself I don't know how many times, etc. :D I still love to be in the kitchen though!


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