Monday, November 30, 2009

Silent Sermon...

Jon's cockatiel hit the open airwaves when he accidentally left his door open.

Is it true a bird in the hand..... better than one on the head?

We were having a hard time catching the bird, after it flew off my head and back to its perch on my curtains.

Then, it began to get lonely for its mate and made pathetic bird noises.
Cockatiels bond for life.
After the death of a mate, some go through such great grief, they may never bond to another bird.

We brought the mate into the room, then it was easy to get them back in the cage together.
They love to be together.
They sit together. They live in a big huge cage, and they are almost always cuddled up together in a corner.
They eat together.
If you hold one for too long, the other one fusses at you, because they've been apart too long.

People say you should have pets because they are a good way to learn responsibility and caregiving.

I never imagined the greatest benefit to my teenage son would be a daily silent sermon on marriage.


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