Sunday, November 22, 2009

mAkInG fUn oF mOmMy - again

This fall, I was standing in the mirror, bemoaning the fact that the roll around my middle is now evident when I stand up, not just when I sit down. In two weeks this summer, I gained ten pounds, and it all decided to congregate just above the waistline.

Rebekah, ever my cheerleader said, "Ah, Mom, you're not fat. People that walk by you think you look beautiful.

They don't even notice that you are ….fff…fffa...fffaa....fffaaa.....ummm….that way...

….they probably won't even notice because they'll think it's your belt."

Any other mommy out there wearing a 10 pound belt?

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  1. Yep, I'm wearing one of those, unfortunately. Since I feel better, though, I'm working on the exercise thing. So, hopefully I can lose it. :-) I have an incentive. I have to get in a dress in a month that is very unforgiving. It highlights those belts. :-)


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