Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who Cut The...?

About a month ago, we were gearing up for the heavy rains that were coming.  Soon coming.  On their way that night, coming. I had several projects underway that evening, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

To be truthful, overwhelmingly overwhelmed.

To top it all off, I remembered I hadn't harvested my lavendar yet.

Without prompting, my dear hubby volunteered to go cut it down for me.

It was so terribly romantic for a manly man to volunteer to do a girly girl thing.
 I was just in awe.
 But, a bit worried. 
I didn't want to micro-manage,
 nor did I want to belittle his offering to do a gardening chore for me.
Wives can certainly take the joy out of a hubby's service
by nagging and fussing
...even if they ARE doing it wrong.
After all, his intent was to be a help and to show his love for me.

After internally debating for several moments, I walked into the front yard, just in time

to resuce my purple asters.

I laughed enough to not be a nag, but not enough to be humiliating,
remembered to thank him, and pointed him towards the correct plants.

He was a bit surprised he was wrong.
 After all, the asters are the COLOR lavendar,
 the lavendar plant is more gray. 
Good point.

He cut and chopped and wacked and filled several cakepans full. 
I know it is more romantic looking to tie them in bundles and hang them from the ceiling,
but I have a huge reality pill to swallow each day.
Settling for cut and in cake pans in the garage was good enough for me.
That's my Type A person learning to be a Type B person.

As I had time, I would wander into the garage  to separate the buds from the stock. 
The smell greets me every time I go out to the freezer, the workbench or the craft area.
My husband will have the only lavendar scented tools in the neighborhood.

Beka stepped into the project as satchet filler. She loves giving them away as gifts.

As Beka likes to say often, "We have fun together, don't we Mom?"
What started as a stress point on my never-ending-always-growing
became a memorable family project.

My husband may have lavendar scented tools,
but I have love scented lavendar.


  1. That is a heart warming post, Mindy!

  2. That was cute about Bekah commenting "we have fun...". Molly just asked about her the other day, it was cute to have her remember their friend during a week at camp. Tell her "hello" from us. :)


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