Friday, November 13, 2009

Teaching Children

When I first came to know the Lord Jesus as my Savior while attending the University of North Dakota,  I was privileged to be discipled by an "older" believer, a young mom with three kids.  Jean patiently spent hours with me, listening, teaching, sharing and feeding me, spiritual and physical food.  She taught me to love my children and husband by loving her family and being devoted to them. She taught me how to submit.  She taught me hospitality.  She taught me to serve the saints.  She taught me to seek the Word of God for everything.  She taught me to pray about everything.

 My husband has been extremely thankful for her inflence on my life.  After a few years of marriage we visited Jean and my husband lavished praise on her for her influence and time invested in my spiritual well-being.  He knew he was reaping the benefits of that investment. She graciously brushed off credit and gave all the glory to the Lord.  I learned even in that humility.

Jean had the first and last verse of this poem handwritten and taped to her kitchen cupboard.  I did the same when I was a young mom.  The poem no longer is posted on my cupboard, it is imbedded in my heart.

It is still the cry of my soul.


Lord, Who am I to teach the way
To little Children day by day,
So prone myself to go astray?

I teach them knowledge, but I know
How faint they flicker and how low
The candles of my knowledge glow.

I teach them power to will and do,
But only now to learn anew
My own great weakness through and through

I teach them love for all mankind
And all God’s creatures, but I find
My love comes lagging far behind.

Lord,if their guide I still must be,
Oh, let the little Children see
The teacher leaning hard on Thee.

By: Leslie Pinchney Hill.


  1. You were blessed indeed to be given this lovely friend so early in your walk! A beautiful example of the very thing I was speaking in my post today.
    That poem is perfect.
    May I copy it?

  2. I felt the same way when I read your blog, sister. The Lord is working in our hearts alike. Feel free to copy the poem. I had a hard time finding the author, it is usually posted as unknown, so was thankful to be able to give the author credit.

  3. thanks- i might have to put that on my cupboard too.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I might have to do the same.

  5. Hi Mindy,

    This comment has nothing to do with your post. I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogroll and am considering starting my own group blog for mothers living with cancer. (you know why)

    Would you honor me by joining?

    Do you know other mommmy bloggers who are living with cancer?

    Let me know by email!

  6. Love that poem. I too reaped the benefits of learning from Jean. She was my Sunday School teacher, and it was that very same lesson she was teaching her 10 and 11 year olds. To pray about everything, and for fear of writing a book to tell you about it, I'll leave it that, but I might have to tell you about it some day. I think of that very same lesson she taguht ALL the time, and I'm grateful she spoke to her class as if we were adults, like we mattered. I love Jean, and am grateful when our paths cross, although, they are few and far between. Thanks for the ewncouragement. You've discipled and loved on a few young girls yourself, and this girl is grateful you spent that time, effort, and energy into my heart and soul. Love you. ~Jess

  7. I came over here from Ruby's blog, and have enjoyed having a look around.

    This poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it along with the wonderful friendship that surrounded it.

  8. Hey! It's been a while since I've been over here! Everyone is talking about this great poem you have here. I don't know if I know Jean, but she seems like such a great woman. May we all be like her! I am still enjoying chocolate chunks sent by a certain someone! Many of the other things evaporated rather quickly! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


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