Sunday, November 15, 2009

SEW Happy!

If there is one thing my husband has learned about me during nearly 24 years of marriage, I don't like learning something new....on my own....with directions I have to read.  I like big pictures, small words.  Early in our marriage he surprised me and bought me a serger.  I loved to sew  adorable matching outfits for the kids and he thought having four threads, two needles and a blade to cut the fabric as I sewed would make my life easier.

I thought it was a great idea, but I was terrified to try to learn how to use the machine.  After several months and the serger was STILL in the box, he quietly told me he could take it back to the store if I didn't like it.  I MADE myself learn how to use it.

Saturday, he bought me a new sewing machine.  The one I referred to as my "new" machine was about 15 years old, and had several major things wrong with it. The repairs were going to cost more than a new machine.

Knowing he needed to walk me through this major change, he decided to thread the machine for me.
Beka is SEW excited, because she knows she is going to learn how to sew this year.  We'll be working on Christmas presents together. 

Daddy had to grab a piece of fabric and check the tension and the  stitches. We also discovered it has three speeds, and the top speed is FINALLY fast enough for the speed I like to sew.  Yes, more power! 

He grabbed the first scissors he could find to cut the thread. 

After laughing, he decided to go with it and added the pinked edge to the top of his creation.

When I asked him what it was, he said, "It doesn't matter what it is, I MADE IT!"

I might have to wrap it up and use it for someone's Christmas gift.  If I don't, I'm afraid it will find its way into my stocking.

Happily, tomorrow, we begin to SEW for school. Beka is making a doll blanket, and I will begin Christmas presents.

Do you think my kids are too old for matching outfits?


  1. Matching outfits by all means...if you can catch 'em to put 'em on! are a rev head? There we do differ. I am a hopeless seamstress and only do what is absolutely necessary, though I did learn as a child.

  2. Impressive husband for getting on a sewing machine!

    I am the say way - I hate learning new things ESPECIALLY ELECTRONICS. I have our home computer which I use 90% of the time and he uses 10%. I like it how it is. I know how to do my things. THEN SOMETHING NEW HITS THE HEADLINES OF COMPUTER DOWNLOADS OR WHATEVER IT IS THEY HAVE OR DO and he decides to "fix" my computer. This results in marital stress EVERY time I sit to use MY (90% of the time) computer. Sigh... he usually takes the download off muttering about how he was only trying to make my life easier and I return to a happy, stress free computer time while muttering, "don't fix what's not broke". (We do love each other dearly...but this is a point we love to argue about) ;)

  3. Ruby, I always sewed clothes when the kids were little because I couldn't afford to buy them. Material was $1 a yard! I also had this glorious time of day called NAPTIME. Now I sew occasionally to make something for the house, to craft and my not-so-favorite mending. I do enjoy it, just running out of time.

    Tandis - we have the same issue. I was recently upgraded to Windows 7, but I actually am learning to like it. I just tell him, he can't change too many things at once.

  4. nice blog dear, will be my turn to blog about you soon . . . .

  5. No, no, they're not to old for matching outfits, make them! Ha! I'm gonna tell Dan I know what he's getting for Christmas!(Check out the sideabar on my blog if you need any sewing ideas, neat Christmas presents)

    Oh- by the way, been meaning to tell you I am STILL using several cute burb clothes you and girls made for us! I suppose 10 years ago when Lindsey was born. I like making those...

  6. "When I asked him what it was, he said, "It doesn't matter what it is, I MADE IT!" '

    This totally sounds like Scott!! Hahah! Great picture too!

  7. My children will match every Sunday till they move out... Ha! I'm sure I won't have any such luck!


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