Monday, November 9, 2009

Practicing Motherhood

I love being a Mommy and I love training my daughters to love being a Mommy. As soon as they are old enough to hold a doll in their hands, I showed them how to cuddle, feed, burp, change and feed their babies.

I always made sure they had those realistic bottles where the milk and juice disappear as soon as they tip the bottles into those perfect rosebud baby-doll lips.

I've purchased baby beds, baby strollers, baby car-seats and baby play-pens. I have sewn baby blankets, doll clothes and tiny burp rags.

As we played, I shared verses about motherhood and tried to instill in them a love for mothering.

Apparently, my daughter, Jana, is passing on this love of mothering to her daughter, Brookie.

Brookie, at two years old, knew exactly what to do with a crying baby.

First, you carefully embrace the crying baby to make sure he is hungry and not just fussy.

You very gently turn his head towards you.

You very discretely lift up your shirt, anchoring your thumb in the baby's mouth.

When he refuses to nurse, you poke your fingers in his mouth.

Like all good mommies, Brookie just knows she has to soothe him.

She tries again, a little more gently this time.

Sorry, Brayden.

When I was the Mom and heard crying, I ran to the baby.

Now that I am the Gramma and hear crying, I run for my camera.

I hope when you are old enough to see these pictures, you'll understand.

If nursing doesn't calm a fussy baby, check his diaper.

Last summer when I took these pictures,
I realized that after 22 years of parenting daughters,
I probably didn't need to try so hard.

It comes a lot more naturally than I had imagined.


  1. *giggles* I love seeing Brooke's thought process. So sweet.

  2. Awww♥ Your little grand daughter is just toooo sweet! The series of photos is great!

  3. This is so precious! What a neat series of pictures! And how true...there is something about being a mom that is just "there" for us, despite that I'll treasure every bit of advice and training my mom gave me.


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