Thursday, November 12, 2009

He Who FINDS a Wife.....

finds a good thing....Proverbs 18:22

And I always like to add the Mindy portion after this verse, "And that's the only thing a man ever finds on his own."

In 1994, my husband began teaching at  Box T Bible and Saddle Camp in North Dakota at a two week all male high school camp.  Over the years, two of the  teenage female cook's helpers, Jess and Becca, learned their unadvertised responsibility at camp - finding lost things for the male campers.

One guy would come in and say, "Have you seen my..."

Before he could finish, one of the girls would answer, "Your hat is in the living room."

Later, another one would saunter in and ask, "Does anyone know where I left my....."

"Your Bible in on the kitchen counter."

I learned that the issue of  "finding things" was a male thing, not a husband thing.  These young women learned early on what a part of their future life as a married women would entail.

Finding things.  This is when I added the Mindy portion to the verse in Proverbs. I knew these young men would some day find one thing, something really good, a good wife, then they would be back to needing help finding things.

Though this is my second day of joking about this male weakness, I also felt a need to remind ourselves - we were called in Genesis "helpmeets" for our husbands.  Helpers.  That's what we do, we help. 

We could let this or other issues become a burr under our saddles, something that constantly errupts disatisfaction in our marriages, or we can come up with God-honoring ways to deal with it.  After all, men could tell their tales about our shoe fetishes, our hoards of fabric, our inability to drive past a garage sale, the unworn clothes in our closet, the furniture rearranging,  the way we FEEL about EVERYTHING.....the list is endless.

What draws a couple together is when they can see something in their marriage, address it, maybe laugh, and work out a solution together. 

Since our husbands found a good thing, US, doesn't it just make sense that we help them find everything else?


  1. Amen, so true. Brought back many memories of those boys!

  2. Ok, I've had time to think about the post a little bit more, and you know what comes to mind? Yes, the things we would find for those messy boys, but most of all, Florence. Whenever I think of the verse, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing" she comes to mind. Talk about a women who was a helpmeet in every sense of the word. I only hope that someday Dustin can can say the same of me. We are going to a marriage conference this weekend and I'm so excited. I know I'll probably be convicted but I'm hoping to learn so much and have our already great marriage grow even deeper. Those thoughts that you shared were very timely!

  3. Mrs. Peltier, you give such a good word. Thank you for sharing with us all. Such a good thing for young people (like myself) to know before getting married- though I'm sure one day I will have to be reminded again. :)

  4. SO true. I often tell people that I have to know where everything is in the house, because Josiah always asks me where his stuff is. But I do not mind it. I love being his wife and help meet.


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