Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fOr BiGgEr Or FoR bEtTeR

My Amazing Grace and her friend Mikel planned a
Bigger and Better  surprise 17th  birthday party for their friend, Libby.
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About 21 kids enjoyed a chili dinner, cupcakes,  traditional games.....and a not so traditional game.

These kids ventured out into the neighborhood for a new-
 improved scavenger hunt, or should I say a Bigger and Better Version.
Two teams of 10-11 kids were sent out with a paperclip.
They were to approach the neighbors and graciously ask for something
Bigger or Better in exchange for the paperclip. 
They kept exchanging for the one hour time limit,
hoping to arrive home with the biggest or the best item.

The paperclip was traded  for a printer...

...the printer for the hedge trimmer...

...the hedge trimmer for the Papasan chair...

...the chair was exchanged for a solid oak armoire that had no scratches,
 or at least didn't before they hauled it home.
The neighbor tried to get rid of it on Craig's list, but had no takers.

Knowing the armoire was so huge and they were over a half mile from home, he asked,
"Well, Libby, how much do you love your friends?"

They trudged home with the heavy piece of furniture home giggling, fumbling and being teenagers having good, clean fun, only to be defeated by a working, color TV.
The armoire was Bigger
but the TV was Better.

Happy Birthday, Libby.

May this coming year be Bigger
and Better
and full of Blessing.

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  1. Thank you, Mindy! That was fun to read! Actually, Suzy had to come and rescue the teens with the armoire in her van! Libby had a blast and was definitely blessed. Your Grace is indeed amazing and so is Mikel. It is hard to believe we pulled it off!! What fun.



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