Sunday, November 1, 2009

THE $10,000 EXPENSE!

On rare occasion, my husband can be a little extravagant. Sometimes he does not want to wait for something to go on sale. Even if I send a coupon to the grocery store with him, he will forget to use it. He doesn't want to buy something at a discount when he doesn't need it, he would rather buy it for full price when he needs it.

We have learned to adjust to each other's financial views and spending habits. Most of the time it isn't a problem for us. For the first ten years of our marriage, there wasn't any money to spend after we paid our bills, so it didn't matter if the item was on sale, or not. We just didn't buy it. It didn't matter if we needed it or not, we didn't buy it.

But just recently, my husband had a splurge I never imagined. Never in all our years of marriage did I ever imagine my husband would think he needed at item that cost $10,000. One item that is only going to last about four weeks. One item that really wasn't quite ready for market, but the money was spent, anyway.

Ready to see where the hard-earned money is going? The unveiling......

His first haircut from our daughter, Bethany, who is going through barbering school.
He first offers a little advice on how he likes his hair.

She has natural ability, is a bright student, loves what she is doing, so the choice for her vocation has been a good one. She worked for one year after graduating early from high school to earn part of school expenses. She attends school Tuesday through Saturday, then babysits every Monday to earn more money. Her diligence is amazing.

He's not closing his eyes because he is nervous, he loves getting his haircut. It is his therapy. Especially if the barber decides to end with a neck or scalp massage.

A little more off the sides. The more she cuts, the more gray appears. Not sure what she is doing wrong.

More careful measuring, more cutting, almost done. It was a great haircut.
What I love is her ambition to honor the Lord. She looks forward to working at a shop in the future, planning to save up and buy a car with cash. If the Lord blesses her with a husband and children, then she sees barbering as a skill to use to take care of her family and bless others from her home. She's not seeking after fame, riches, or honor. She just wants to use her life for the Lord.
She is close to fulfilling her dream - finishing barbering school.
Our dream has already come true, knowing she "loves the Lord her God with all her heart, and with all her soul, and with all her mind." Matthew 22:37
A child's education may be expensive, but their faith is priceless.

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