Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Brookie Cheers Up Gramma

One of the biggest blessings about being a mommy, is that eventually you can turn into a Gramma. A Gramma enjoys all the good things about motherhood, without the responsibility and the financial commitment. Our daughter Jana brought hubby and baby home to help take care of me after my surgery. Brookie was a LOT of help. She entertained me by trying on the shoes by the front door.....anything left out is fair game for a Shoe Fashion Show. (Yesterday, her Mommy was trying to leave the house, but was having a hard time finding a PAIR of shoes. Apparently, Brookie had Cinderellaed them around the house.)

She fixed things for her poor, recovering Gramma. I guess she is so used to watching Grandpa fix things, she's learned to fix things herself.

She comforted Grandpa.
But, can't you just hear her thinking, "My, what a big face you have!"
I remember the days when my little Jana looked just like her precious little Brookie. After staring at her adorable little face all day, there was always an adjustment when Daddy came home and I had to look in his large, over-sized face! A good-looking face, of course, just super-sized from what I had been gazing at all day.

She warmed my heart by showing me how much she loves her Mommy. I know Brookie loves me; she sometimes sits still long enough for me to snuggle her, she talks to me on the phone, she plays with me, and she kisses me. But the truth is, the beautiful truth is, she has always loved her Mommy more.
This is a good thing! As a newborn baby, she didn't know that I was FAR more experienced, that I had changed WAY more diapers, and that I had comforted babies for hours upon hours. When she cried, she wanted HER Mommy. That natural love builds such confidence in a young Mom! There has never been any competition, only a beautiful generational binding. Brookie needs her Mommy. When Brookie's Mommy needs her Mommy, I am here.
I adore this precious, time honored tradition. They say red roses are the flowers that say LOVE,
but I think DANDELIONS speak the love language much more significantly.
Brookie's chubby little legs can't get her to her Mommy fast enough to bestow her love offering into waiting heart and hands. Over and over she picked and trotted over to someone she loved, mostly her Mommy.
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth." 3 John 1:4

Jana, Aaron, Baby Brookie and Baby #2
We love watching our daughter's family grow in size and in faith.

After shooting family pics for a few moments, while Brookie fussed and looked away, she suddenly decided she wanted to be a model. She posed and smiled and giggled and gave us some great shots.
So while she giggled, played, kissed and loved through the visit, she gave me another reason to continue praying for healing and strength.

Proverbs 17:6 "Grandchildren are the crown of old men..." I guess this includes old women, too. If Brookie is my crown, then the title Gramma is one of royalty.
And, doncha' think my sceptor should be a bouquet of dandelions?

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