Monday, April 6, 2009

Build-A-Bear Excursion

A nice quiet Saturday evening was the perfect time to cross one more thing off my
This was a fun chore, one every Mommy should put on her list.
A trip to Build-A-Bear with our matching monkeys.
We had to begin by "bathing" the monkeys with jets of air and soft brushes. Beka had to explain to me how to step on the peddle below the "bathtub" to turn the air on.
Beka is learning to use my camera.

She's getting a little better.

I think she gets it. She also didn't get a dorky look on my face this time.
My monkey looks like she is enjoying her spa day.

Too Many Choices!
Doesn't that sound like the title of a Berenstain Bear book?
After seeing their selection of pajamas, we scrapped that idea.
I can't believe they didn't have footie sleepers or flannel nighties!
This Mommy might have to start sewing again.
We finally made our final decision and dressed our monkeys.
Instead of twins, Beka decided they would be best friends for awhile.
I think that is because she didn't love the same outfit I loved.
But, we'll share.
She learned the art of sharing when she realized that her Mommy buys toys for Beka
AND toys for Mommy.
If I ever bought something for myself, I would always hear her concerned little voice,
"We share, Mommy, wight? We share."
Momma dressing the well-loved Monkey With No Name.
I can't believe I forgot my monkey's name!
Actually, yes I can. I can't even remember my OWN children's names all the time.
A very patient Daddy taking the final shot of the Crazy Monkeys and the dolls.


  1. You are an inspirational mother! Lost your phone number because I melted my old phone. Now needing to program things into my new one. Remembering you in prayer - and have friends who have added you to the list. Believing for a healing! These are the words that I speak over you.
    Pam D.

  2. Dear Mindy-

    Bre has kept us updated on your journey. My heart hurts for you, but is also full of hope in the knowledge of how POWERFUL our God is. The Great Physician is in control. We will be in prayer for you in these next days just prior to your surgery. Bless you, Mindy and bless your family.
    Denise Larson


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