Saturday, April 25, 2009

The REST of the story

My neighbor, Kelly-Across-the-Street, just wrote her version of the Kelly and Mindy's Most Horriblest, Wonderfulest Day. You will love reading, as Paul Harvey used to say, the REST of the story.

Today Kelly and I enjoyed playing and weeding together and taught the kids how to play with roly-polys. Once Norah fell over and it was so cutely sad to see her like a little tiny beetle, not able to get up. I am not laughing at her misery, but laughing that no matter what she does and what position she finds herself in, she is adorably Norah. But, she is managing well and we are thankful to see her adjusting to using her left hand for coloring, for patting, for eating.

I had shared with Kelly the wonderful answers to prayer concerning the lump of cancer the Lord allowed the surgeon to see and the lump He allowed Him to feel, so I assured her we would pray very specifically for the healing of Norah's arm; for no infection, no long-term damage and that all would go well in the weeks she needs to be casted.

Tomorrow is Sunday, then it is Monday.

Wondering what the day will bring,
with the past two Mondays involving

Guess I'll just keep PRAYING.

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