Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flashback - Summer Vacation 2008

We were on family vacation at the Brainard grandparents' lake cabin in Montana, and five year old Rebekah was determined to catch a fish. She and grandpa went on several short expeditions trying to catch a fish, but Beka's endurance didn’t' match her desire, so she spent more time just dancing around the pontoon boat and giggling than she did fishing.

However, she was still excited when her grandpa caught a small trout on an outing with the family.

She turned to her father, who is infinitely wise, and asked, "Daddy, daddy, is this the kind of fish with food in it? "

Not getting an answer to her perplexing questions, she jabbered on, repeating her question several times.

"IS this the kind of fish with food in it?"

Intervening on behalf of my confused husband, I asked Rebekah for clarification.

Rebekah looked a bit annoyed that the adults couldn't understand something so simple.

"I mean, is it the kind you can eat?"

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