Friday, April 24, 2009

Answered Prayer

The other morning I was so overcome with the beauty and the preciousness of answered prayer that I wept. I had been rejoicing in the news since Monday, but the perfectness of how the prayers were answered didn't strike me until a few days later.

I had a quick visit with Dr. M. on Monday, because I was concerned with my healing. It seemed a little red and warm to me and I was concerned about infection. He was gracious enough to fit me in for a quick exam in between his heavy load of patients. I graciously made it to his office after dealing with a bleeding cat and a neighbor's broken arm.

He assured me my scar was fine, then handed me a piece of paper with the final surgery results. He told me that in addition to the 5mm tumor they recovered, he also found ANOTHER tumor that, when sent away, tested in the lab as thyroid cancer.

I was amazed. I asked him, "How did you find the first lump?" He had earlier cautioned us that he might not be able to find the lump that was only the size of a BB and was in the tissue behind the right jawbone. We had asked many, many faithful saints to been praying.

"I just saw it."

It was JUST what we prayed, that the Lord would open his eyes.

I asked him. "How did you find the second lump?"

He answered, "I felt it."

It was JUST what we prayed, that the Lord would guide his hands.

However, he did tell me that because there was a tumor that DIDN'T show up on any of the tests but was found during surgery, he couldn't guarantee that he found all the cancer. He again wished out loud that he could be perfect. We are satisfied for now. We have really learned that this cancer journey is going to be like any other walk by faith, it is going to be step by step.

I am also thankful to report that the pain has subsided to a very tolerable level. On Sunday I was very uncomfortable and asked the Lord to either reduce the pain or give me the ability to endure. I didn't like that feeling about thinking only about myself, as I become concerned about the pain. On Monday, the pain was reduced to a level that is tolerable, and I began functioning normally and resumed all normal activities.

In reflecting about the specific answers to very specific prayers, I was struck with the utter humbleness of this all. The Mighty God of Heaven, the Maker and Ruler of the Universe, the Father of my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, saw fit to answer prayers on my behalf. I am so undeserving.

I am further humbled that hundreds of saints, connected through telephone calls, emails and voiced prayer requests in churches around the United States, would pray for MY healing. This humbles me beyond words.

Even as I write, I am weeping at the goodness of God.

I'm even more amazed that the Scriptures teach of that is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance. Romans 2:4 It isn't that God will strike us down to bring us to Him, He pours out His goodness and love to draw us closer to Him, whether we need grace unto salvation or grace for growth.

Thank you, dear praying saints. you have upheld me. By your prayers I am healing.

"Father God, I rejoice in the fact that you care enough about your people to hear and answer our prayers. I thank you for opening the eyes of Dr M. to find one tumor and I thank you for guiding his hands to find the other tumor. We rejoice, Father, we adore you, we love you. In Your Lovely Son's Name, Amen."

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