Tuesday, April 7, 2009

God is Love

Today I have a guest blogger, my sister-in-law, Nita, but she doesn't know it yet.
Surprise! (I hope she likes surprises.)
Her poetry is amazing, but she would never say that, so I will.
She sent me a booklet of her poetry to encourage my heart through my Exciting Cancer Adventure. She took a risk, knowing I am not a huge poetry fan, but I was thrilled to be blessed with her personal work. And, it is a blessing. I will share one of my favorites.

God Is Love
Although sorrow and pain grip my heart,
And the hope of my life falls apart,
When the darkness appears to prevail,
when my flesh and my heart seem to fail.
God is Love.
Although billows encompass my soul,
And in waves of affliction they roll;
although tears are my meat night and day,
Yet His mercy constrains me to say:
God is Love.
Though I tremble in weakness and fright,
And though weeping endures for a night,
There is comfort in God and His Word,
And there's joy in the morning assured.
God is Love.
Oh, there's hope when all hope seems to fall;
There is hope - for my God's over all.
He's my portion, my strength, and my friend,
And His mercy endures without end.
God is Love.

I am learning to love poetry. Thanks, Nita!


  1. Mindy, I am pleased as punch that this is one of your favorites! It almost didn't make the book, because for a while I was quite dissatified with it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I have been thinking of you often and prompted to pray for no apparent reason recently, so I am so glad to find your blog and find out WHY! Thanks for being willing to share your musings and lessons to the world. Wishing we could see you guys soon. Happy Passover/ Easter! Priscilla


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