Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brookelyn Loves Baseball!

I love my kids. My whole life I wanted six kids, and the Lord gave me six wonderful kids. I am so blessed!

So, if being a mother is amazing and wonderful and a blessing, how can I begin to describe the feelings that envelope being a GRAMMA? I'll just show you.

Brookie really enjoyed watching her Uncle Jon play baseball, even though it was very cold. She just knew everybody was yelling and clapping and nobody was sushing her. And, the more she cheered, the more we oohed and aahed over her and the more she cheered. She is so smart!


  1. So cute, reminds me of Gabi!

    We would LOVE to vacation out there. Maybe I can talk Dustin into it. I'm hoping Christie Bigelow (from washington) get's married soon, so maybe that would be a time we could come out and visit. How are you feeling?

  2. Brookelyn is DEFINITELY a Peltier child! I can't wait to see pictures of the next grandchild. We love you and have been praying for you all week. Of course, we will continue! Love you,


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