Thursday, April 16, 2009

Momma Mindy and Monkey at the Hospital

Rise and Shine! We were up at 4:30 so I could take my doctor ordered shower to remove all traces of my false beauty; the makeup, deodorant, lotions, moisturizers, scent, fingernail polish. Monkey With No Name is wearing her new outfit we bought just for this day and I packed my pink monkey pj's in my green monkey bag. Suddenly, I was wondering why I bought my MONKEY a new outfit and not myself. It's too late to go shopping now.
Remember that saying, "If the barn needs painting, paint it?"
Not lookin' so good. Monkey is keeping me company, along with Scott, while the hospital staff asks me a bajillion more questions. I had to spell my name no less than five times during that first half hour. I hate trick questions that early in the morning. From here I had to put on those lovely hospital clothes and walk to my bed. I had a consult with the anethesiologist and the surgeon and I don't remember anything else. Scott brought Monkey to the waiting room so Rebekah Monkey-sat while I was in surgery. My Mom and Dad were there husband-sitting Scott.
I'm just hearing that they found the 5mm cancerous node and the other lumps they removed were not cancerous. We rejoiced in the Lord that He heard and answered our prayers. We are so very thankul!
I'm also being reminded that true love doesn't see the face with no makeup, doesn't mind helping your throw up or helping you shuffle to the bathroom with all the wires, tubes and poles attached.
That's my new advice to young women looking for Mr. Right. If you can't picture the man in your life holding the bedpan while you hurl into it, you better keep looking. True love shines in the ugliest moments, the hardest trials and the deepest pain. It is an abiding love that feeds on the love of Christ, grows in adversity and has no end, no limits, no barriers.

I would say I was enjoying a quiet moment, but that was never the case. Monkey is content and is waiting for a visit from the family. There was always the chatter and laughter from the nurses, that was a good sound, and the moaning and groaning from the woman next door. Poor thing never remembered any of the help she receieved. Like a character in a low-budget- lost-in-the-desert movie, she moaned for two days, sometimes every 15 seconds.
"Water.....I need water. Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseee. Water.....I need water." She varied her cry, sometimes.
"Help me, pleeeeaaaaasssseee. Somebody help me! Help me! Somebody, Pleeeaaassseee help me!"
She was always polite, never angry, was just convinced the staff had not been in to see her all day. The nurses always called her dear and soothed her so patiently and instead of being antagonistic towards her, they acted as if each cry was the first one. They had so many moaners that night they couldn't find a quiet room for me, so they brought me ear plugs.
The city was still sleeping, wrapped in morning fog. Watching throughout the morning was like watching a well-orchestrated routine, as buildings began to light up, cars began venturing out, sidewalks were filling with coffee-bearing people. Like humans rubbing sleep from their eyes, the city began yawning and stretching away the fog with each increase in motion.
As I watched, I wondered about peoples' lives. Were they happy? Were they loved? Were they healthy?
Did they look up and see me staring out the 10th floor window? Did they wonder why I was in the hospital? Did they wonder if I was happy? If I was loved? If I was healthy?
I wanted to shout to the people below...
The Lord answered my prayers!
The doctor found and removed my cancer!
I am loved by my family!
I am rejocing today!

Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped:
therefore my heart greatly rejoices;
and with my song will I praise Him.


  1. Praise the Lord!! What a gracious and godly man you have there. The healing process and time in the hospital is never fun, is it? I think I would not be as patient as you were with the moaner. awful. Two thoughts: I'm glad you weren't the moaner, and even if you were, there's only moaning on earth for those who know him.

  2. Mindy, I read your pre and post surgery posts, along with Scott's letter, to our whole church this morning during the service. (Ok, our WHOLE church is only about 25 people, but they have all been praying this week for you!) Your testamony was very encouraging to our congregation, and everyone felt the Spirit with us. I cried through the whole reading. I miss you so much my dear sister. I am so happy GOD brought you into our life! We continue to pray for your speedy recovery and to be cancer free.
    Love you,


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