Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolving Some Resolutions

I know this is the time of year when everybody is making resolutions.

They're all convinced this will be a life changing year for them.

Everyone is sure they're gunna' end up
thinner, sexier, smarter, richer, more organized and nicer than last year.

We all know the truth.

Same 'ol, same 'ol.

SO, since I occasionally cave-in to peer pressure,
especially blogging peer pressure and
the "you have to build a platform to be a writer" pressure,
 I decided to git me some of those

1.  I Resolve to Eat More
I know you might hate me already, if you resolved to eat less.
Sometimes, I skip breakfast.
I know, shame on me, right?
Wouldn't let the kids get away with that.
Sometimes, I skip lunch.
I can see your lecture finger pointing at me already.
Sometimes, I skip breakfast and lunch.
Eating can be a waste of time, all that chewing and swallowing.
Remember, I'm the girl who wants the Wonka Gum?
I will still always have chocolate hidden in my desk drawer,
but I will try to eat more meals,
or at least not skip two in the same day.

2.  I Resolve to Cook More
I'm not really a foodie.
I like to go out to eat,
but I don't drool in the afternoon about some delicious meal
I'm gunna' concoct for dinner.
I don't read cookbooks.
I only subscribe to two food blogs because they're friends
and I've only copied one recipe from a blog.
There's been plenty of good intentions,
but not a lot of follow-through.
As I say each year,
I'm gunna' really try to cook some good food this year.

3.  I Resolve to Shop More
I don't like shopping, except at thrift stores and garage sales.
Grocery shopping is OK, but the rising prices are making me crazy.
But, clothes shopping?  I despise it.
I guess those circus mirrors and bright lights in the dressing rooms
frustrate me.
Sizes are smaller than they used to be and
fabrics are lighter than they used to be.
While waistlines and necklines go lower,
prices go higher.

I usually have only one good pair of jeans at a time,
and a few good shirts.
Ya' know, the kind you actually want to wear in public?
While other women were dieting from shopping in 2010,
I made myself buy new clothes.
Those new clothes are no longer new.
I need to go a week in each season without doing laundry.
I hafta' shop.
I just hafta'.

4.  I Resolve to Drink More
Yea, I nag my kids all the time about drinking water,
like any good parent.
The lecture my Dad gave me is pretty much memorized,
but I have to adapt it a bit.
We grew up in Montana, so Dad would always add,
"We live in a place that's almost a desert, ya' know."
Of course, Washington is more like the tropical rain forest
in a children's museum, but we all still need to drink more water.
I don't like to drink water 'cuz then I have to tinkle.
I'm using that word because I have delicate sensibilities and so do you.
Going tinkle takes time.
It also takes toilet paper.
I don't have a lot of both, living in this house with ten other people.
Ten other people who aren't skilled enough to change the tp roll.

So, ya' happy now?
I resolved some resolutions.

Happy New Year!

I am truly blessed and humbled that you would
use your valuable time to ready my blog.

I am blessed and humbled that you would take time to comment.

I'm even more blessed and humbled that many of you,
strangers in physical life but bloggy friends,
have prayed and inspired me through one of the hardest years of my life.

All joking aside,
I truly love and appreciate all of you.

And may this be the way you find happiness in your new year:

Proverbs 3:13
"Happy is the man who finds wisdom,

And the man who gains understanding."


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Momma Mindy!

    I really do not have any of the same resolutions as you, I guess I'm a foodie who loves to shop and my drink of choice is always water. ;-)

    BUT I LOVED your Christmas wish list.. almost had to re-blog it on mine..

  2. I love reading your blog. It's like you were still just down the street from me. No resolutions for me, though ~ same 'ol same 'ol. :-)

  3. MM, if we were neighbors, we could take care of each other's resolutions...Mine is to actually keep up with laundry...starting tomorrow (not today of course!). If you do all my laundry, I will cook healthy meals each and every night, and breakfasts on the weekends. DEAL? If only Alaska wasn't so far from you!

  4. Love the list, although I'd gladly eat, drink, shop and tinkle for you--since I don't mind doing either. LOL.

  5. I like your list too! I love to cook, though I wouldn't claim to be the world's greatest. Unfortunately I like eating far too much. And (MY shinge) I have to drink a lot of water AND go tinkle a LOT because I have shonky kidneys :-(
    My main commitment for 2012 ~ Godliness with contentment is great gain.

  6. I found your list VERY interesting, cause I always LOVE a good list. Your list bears no resemblence to a list I would make, except for the need to drink more water, but there's great fun in differences, isn't there?? I love your heart and I enjoy your blog which echos your heart. What a great time we're gonna have sharing 2012 in blogland!

  7. Nice resolutions Mrs. Peltier!!!!! Love you and miss you!!!!!

  8. Happy New Year! Loved reading your reluctant list!! I'm hoping to add a few of those to my routine too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love reading your blog. I loved your resolutions. You are always original and so full of humor with a godly conclusion. Happy New Year Mindy.

  10. I don't make resolutions either. They are depressing because I USUALLY NEVER (yes, I failed my Mom's Grammar class!) conquer the resolution. =/

    However, if I was to TRY a resolution it would definitely have something to do with glorifying God with my life, actions, thoughts.
    THEN, if I was to try another it would be to be more patient. =/ I'm not very patient... at. all. =(

    I agree with you, I skip meals. I feed the mouthy kids but forget to eat. I also hate going to the bathroom... annoying waste of time!


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