Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ponder in Your Heart

Luke 2:19
But Mary kept all these things,

and pondered them in her heart.

Without any practice, our little Mary
performed beautifully at our Christmas program on Sunday.

Her thoughtful watch over Baby Jesus was delightful,
and occasionally she would reach down and pat the baby's head.

I kept thinking about this verse in Luke as I watched her.

How amazed Mary must have been to be chosen to carry
the Christ child. 

When she heard the shepherds repeating the angel's proclamation
about her Son, she stored them up in her heart.

What a great example we have in Mary.

She first lived out her youth in such faithful devotion
she was chosen for a great service to the Lord.

She fulfilled her duty as the earthly mother to the Lord Jesus,
despite much personal pain as she watched Him
 rejected, scourged and crucified.

She only had words
the Lord Jesus.

We have Words
the Lord Jesus,
the entire inspired New Testament.

Like Mary,
we need to keep things about Jesus,
truths from His Holy Word,
and ponder them in our hearts,
not just during the holiday season.

Luke 2:19
But Mary kept all these things,
and pondered them in her heart.


  1. Trying to "ponder" more through this holiday season. I always enjoy your blog. You're a very gifted writer andyour words always bless me.

  2. What a sweet Mary! I see Grandma Sylvia in her face.

  3. I was just thinking about this first today actually. I can't imagine how much she had to ponder... what an incredible event was taking place in her life. She was pondering them and I think storing them up. She knew Jesus would be great and she wanted mental pictures of this time for later in their lives. What a blessed thing she had to ponder.

  4. Beautiful thoughts of truth Mindy! xxx

  5. Cherrie Herrin-MichehlDecember 20, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    Very true,especially this time of year which is totally about the Lord, yet people have tried to evaporate the Lord out of Christmas. Thanks for the message. Have a glorious Christmas!


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