Thursday, December 8, 2011

Didja' Celebrate Yesterday?

Just wondering if any of you celebrated the holiday yesterday.

No, not Pearl Harbor Day. 
That's a sad day to commemorate, not celebrate.

I'm talking about
National Pop Day.

Don't know what I'm talking about?
I guess those of you not from our crazy family
 need to be educated.

It's the day where you buy
lotsa' pop
and drink
lotsa' pop.

This year I also bought vanilla ice cream just to make it
even more sugary deliciousness.

You might be sneering at my choice of beverages.
If I were you reading my blog,
I'd be sneering, too.

Pop isn't good for you.
Pop is expensive.
(That's why I bought the generic brand.)
Pop has no food value.

That's why we celebrate.

Maybe you're like me in this way,
you're concerned about your kids' health and nutrition,
but you have a hubby,
a dear, loving, thoughtful, wonderful hubby,
but a hubby, nonetheless, who would be able to feed the kids
Twinkies for breakfast without any remorse.

Not even a sniggle of remorse.
Not a worry about their blood sugar,
their metabolism,
 or the terrors of food dyes on the human body.

Years ago,
 I'd stopped buying pop and other such stuff and nonsense 
 for the kids, aiming to build a healthier, happier family.

Then Daddy went grocery shopping,
but didn't really buy groceries.
It was one of his glorious
 "I can buy anything I want 'cuz my mom ain't here"
kinda' trips.
He brought home a lot of pop and taboo snacks,
knowing he would thrill the kids with the variety he'd chosen.

Momma Mindy wasn't too happy.
Momma Mindy grilled Poppa on why he would buy such
poisonous things for their beloved children.

Poppa can think quickly on his feet,
especially when under estrogen attack.
"It's National Pop Day,
didn't you know?"

Then he elaborated some hilarious tale about the
birth of the great holiday and
how we needed to celebrate each year.

Later, when discussing this situation when the kids weren't around,
we tried to figure out how blissfully unite my
quest for health and his quest for snacks in marriage.
We came to the conclusion that both can happily
live in the same house together.
In fact, it provides the check and balance for the home.

If we ate only what I'd read was good for you,
life would end up a little boring.
If we ate only what Daddy bought,
we'd be fat and diabetic, with arteries that needed to be roto-rootered.

Besides, the more you deny, the more they crave.
It's that Romans 7 thing flaring up in their flesh.
It can create more desire.
Moderation is good.

So, during the majority of the year,
I don't buy pop for the kids.

But, on
National Pop Day,
we all raise a toast,
to fun,
and our dear Poppa,
inventor of National Pop Day.


  1. YES, I did!! Not knowingly...but...our local 4H club did a fund raiser and had lots of items left over and were selling to keep costs down. I try to keep the soda's down since the boys will quickly drain a 2 liter a day and cans are even worse! I bought a huge 36 can cube! It's still in my car trunk, I"ll slip them in a little at a time!! Now, I don't feel so guilty...we're celebrating!

  2. We are pop guzzlers and it has always been that way. However, we do drink lots of other things too. Not the best plan, but it's simply what we do...I love your day of celebration. That's a great idea and far better than mine. LOL Hope things are good for you today, GF!

  3. We let ours have pop (or Coke as it's universally known in Texas)once a week. I try to not buy junk food as much for my sake as theirs. However, they do eat at school...And I shudder to think what they are served there!

    My husband was practically weaned on pop, and he attributes my total lack of cavities and his plethora of them on my family's tendency to drink only milk for breakfast, water between meals, and tea or water at lunch with only water at dinner time. So, he is more strict about soda than I am....

    Yet he has to drink at least one every day...

    But I drink two cups of coffee daily, so what can I say?

  4. YOU are the best! Our kids get their equivalent of that on Oct 31 when we have our alternate celebration and have Family Movie Night.

  5. How cute! Every now and then we go to DQ or Dutch Bros just to celebrate. Gotta do it every now and again.

    Thank you for your sweet words of condolence. I appreciate you prayers on our behalf :)

  6. Do you really want to know my answer? :)

  7. This made me laugh! I love it! This is the way of things with this mama and poppa here too! Although I hate to admit that we celebrate more than once a year! :( Glad to know kids can grow up with and without and turn out ok! :)


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