Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fast and Furious Christmas Decorating

This year I was so busy cleaning my garage,
I didn't really have time to decorate for Christmas.

Ya' know, we all have years like that.
Some years we're Martha Stewart on steroids,
other years we're the Red Neck Mommas
who just do enough to Git 'Er Dun.

This year I dun did the Red Neck Thing.

It was the hubby's year to decorate the tree.
We'll talk about that later.
He got that done a few days after Thanksgiving.

I like to decorate a lot.
Meaning, I like it a lot and I use a lot of decorations.
Since I didn't get the Christmas decorations back up into the attic
until this summer, I'm lame I know,
I didn't feel like hauling them all down a few months later.

This year, I gave myself permission to

I took down the box of vintage decorations,
my faves, of course,
and starting throwing elves around.

I wasn't furious, but it had to be done fast.

This ladder rests against the wall in the dining room.
Usually, I would replace all the vintage fabrics
with vintage Christmas linens.

Not this year.

This year it was more about just adding a few decorations
to areas of the house that already displayed vintage items.

Usually the doll on the top of the ladder sits on top of the tree.

Not this year.

My kids make fun of her, and I don't know why.

She's so ugly, she's cute.
Who needs that traditional star or angel?

This little guy is using my pastry mixer for a swing.

The heavily bearded elf tucks his arthritic knees into my flour sifter.

The coffee pot at the bottom of the ladder
is now home to a mouse.
The only kinda' mouse I want in my house.

When you can't do everything you wanna' do
and still keep the calm and happy attitude,
something has to go.

This year, the decorating had to go,
the happy attitude stayed.

The Lord tells us to be a cheerful giver.
We shouldn't give so much we resent giving,
nor should we give so little we feel guilty.

I think this is a great principle for many things we do.

This year I'm not doing so much I resent the holidays
and all the demands it puts on Mom,
(or all the demands I put on myself)
nor am I doing so little I feel guilty.

 I need to accomplish each holiday endeavor
fast and furiously,
without getting furious.

Gotta keep that holiday cheer!

Acts 27:25
Be of good cheer:
for I believe God...



  1. This year I've been very relaxed about Christmas, until a few days ago. I realized I wasn't stressing, and that actually made me stress! How silly is that?

  2. I enjoyed this post!! When don't I?!

  3. I didn't put a tree up this year. Showing the house all the time... I have done my other decor, and I decided not to kill myself in the baking department either. So far, no stressing. I'm wondering why I haven't given myself permission to do this before? It's rather nice to have fun at Christmas time. ~Jess R.

  4. Thanks for the reminder to chill out a bit. Having a kid makes this whole Holiday thing much more stressful...if I let it!

  5. Thank you so much for writing this post. Totally where I'm at. And thank you for your comment about what I posted today. SO appreciate your prayers.
    Just before I read your post, a friend posted this on facebook ~
    "There’s not one sentence in the entire Bible that says, “Ok, when My birthday comes, make such a big deal about it that you stop just short of killing yourself and everyone else with special events, parties, and activities. That’s what I want from you in December. And wait, that’s not enough, I want you to start all of this right after Thanksgiving… or better yet, before Thanksgiving!” No, all He wants from me in December is what He wants from me the other eleven months of the year. He wants ME!


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