Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Parenting Like Joseph

Joseph was chosen to be the earthly father
of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The child wasn't really his,
in the sense of flesh and blood.
He was only raising the child to fulfill His purpose on earth.
Then the Child would return to His true Father,
His Heavenly Father.

Joseph isn't the exception in parenting,
he's the rule.

Whether we're raising children we birthed
or children birthed in hearts through adoption,
we should have the same mindset.
These children really aren't ours,
they belong to the Heavenly Father.

Our goal in parenting
should be to point our children to Him,
so that they can live with Him eternally.

Jesus already belonged in Heaven,
our children have to make that choice to belong themselves,
by placing their faith in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness
of their sins.

In our Sunday School program, our little Joseph took his party very seriously.
His eyes rarely strayed from the swaddled baby doll in the manger.

May we parents be like this young man,
who stayed by that manger,
diligently watching the child
who was under his loving care


  1. Good thoughts here! Hope you and your family had a lovely Merry Christmas! xxx

  2. Wow! So right Mindy! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. What an honor and a privilege it is to be a parent, but you're right, "they really belong to God". Joseph is adorable!!

  4. MM, your wisdom is inspiring. I SO wish we were real life neighbors instead of bloggy neighbors!

    I often have to pray, "Lord, I know you love these children even more than I do, because you created them, and they are yours...."

    Oh this job, it is indeed a tough one for sure.

  5. I guess I did sound like I lack compassion. It's not that we didn't feel bad, it's more that at some point you have to block the emotions or you will just crumble. In cases where it's truly life or death you have to sort of put up a barrier. Of course, I should have said the nurse holding her down was speaking soothingly to her and indeed praying. That would have made us seem a little nicer, eh?

    Honestly, I've never spoke of the thorn in Paul's flesh. That seems pretty heavy, but I've said some things I was shocked by later on, and knew that God gave me the words. You were blessed to have a nurse who was willing to be bold in her faith and use God's wisdom.

    Have a great day!

  6. Wow! I loved this perspective on parenting. Much wisdom can be gleaned from Joseph. The pictures of your church Joseph are adorable! He did a great job!


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